Friday, January 14, 2011

A Repost From Janie Octia For Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Community divided over PNoy’s Porsche purchase

By Janie Octia – January 14th, 2011

By Janie Octia, Yahoo! Southeast Asia

News of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s recent car purchase has put him on the hot seat again.

The 50-year-old bachelor president, according to Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda, bought the thirdhand 2007 Porsche for P4.5 million using his personal funds from the sale of another asset.

While the administration emphasized the president’s right to use his own funds for personal purchases, some believe that this move might send the wrong message.

In a question posted on Yahoo! Philippines Answers, some users criticized Aquino’s move.

User Maxwell said that even if Aquino used his personal funds to buy the car, as the president, he should have been more sensitive to the plight of the people.

“It’s nobody’s business if he were a private individual but as President, he is the example everybody should follow. What example did he set by buying another car that he doesn’t really need?” added Maxwell.

User Gene thought that Aquino’s purchase is untimely.

“So in these dire times, I think he should stay away from luxuries even though he bought it from his own purse. I still believe in him but the timing is really bad, I think,” said Gene.

For user don torero, being a public figure, Aquino’s actions should’ve been “calculated.” He said, “Huwag na niyang isipin na may private life pa siya. kahit sariling pera niya yan, isipin niya yung message na ibinabahagi. Puro increases ng pamasahe (jeep, MRT, LRT, etc), gasolina, at bilihin tapos parang helpless ang gobyerno na wala silang magawa.”

CaJosh on the other hand warns that Aquino should be more cautious. He wrote: “The kind of government that he runs is mirrored from the kind of lifestyle that he has.”

While Aquino’s purchase is being criticized, others came to his aid and defended that as a private citizen, he can use his own money for personal needs.

“The guy is single. His immediate family are relatively well off. He is therefore free to do as he pleases, including where and how to spend his money. Besides, the car isn’t even brand new,” said JJK.

Another user, Mark appealed to the people to give Aquino a break.

“It’s his money. Why do we even have to pry on what he wants for himself, if i had that kind of money i’d buy me one too. Give the president a break. He deserves it. That’s what’s wrong about us filipinos…crab mentality. People are just jealous, if you want a Porsche…work hard or try your luck on the lottery,” said Mark.

User Worried Ed thought that the public should learn to distinguish Aquino as the public figure and the private one. He added, “As long as P-noy doesn’t use public funds for his personal gain, then he is doing nothing wrong. Besides, what he bought was a third-hand Porsche; still expensive, but to the elite, it’s already a shabby car — a sign of frugality just the same.”

Amid criticisms, Aquino defended his car purchase and dismissed reports that this will affect his administration’s austerity policies.

Reposted From Janie Octia For Yahoo! Southeast Asia

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