Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Toni, Charlene not on good terms?

Toni, Charlene not on good terms?

MANILA, Philippines – “The Buzz” hosts Toni Gonzaga and Charlene Gonzales assured fans on Sunday that they are good friends, even as speculations about their alleged discord continued to spread.

Last week, rumors surfaced that the 2 celebrities were not on good terms after some claimed that they ignore each other on their entertainment show every Sunday.

The controversy further heat up as talk spread that Gonzaga’s fans disliked Gonzales. Some fans of Gonzaga, the rumors claimed, bash the beauty queen-turned-television host in the Internet.

On Sunday, both Gonzales and Gonzaga said there’s no truth to the rumors.

Gonzales said she did not know how the talk started and where it came from. She said she was surprised when told about the issue.

“Wala pong katotohanan na nagkaroon kami ng alitan o may alitan kami ni Toni,” she said. “Hindi ako naniniwala dahil mabait si Toni at alam ko ang mga fans niya mabait din.”

She added: “I want to say this, with conviction and with all confidence, that me and Toni, and of course Boy (Abunda) and KC (Concepcion), at sa lahat po ng bumubuo ng ‘The Buzz,’ we will never fight…. Buong buo kami dito sa ‘The Buzz.”

Gonzaga, on the other hand, said the controversy is not doing them any good. “Nakakahiya naman ang isyu. Bago pa lang kami dito sa ‘The Buzz’.... Hindi maganda ‘yon [hindi lang] para sa aming mga host kundi para din sa programa.”

Gonzaga’s fans also maintained that they hold no grudge toward Gonzales. They called on Gonzales not to believe the rumors.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Repost From AFP

World's costliest car goes on sale in India

In this handout photograph released by Bugatti in India, Satya Bagla (L), Managing Director of Exclusive Motors and Bugatti Sales Market Manager Guy Caquelin (R) pose with a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport supercar at a showroom in New Delhi. The world's most expensive and fastest production car has gone on sale in India.
Slideshow: Faces of Asia PH

NEW DELHI (AFP) - – The world's most expensive and fastest production car has gone on sale in India, with luxury manufacturer Bugatti making its debut in the land of rickshaws.

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport, which has a top speed of 407 kilometres (250 miles) an hour, went on display in a car dealership in the capital New Delhi on Thursday priced at 160 million rupees (3.6 million dollars).

Just 150 of the cars will be sold worldwide, though there will be few opportunites for the car to show its performance on India's potholed and notoriously congested roads.

"India is the hub of luxury, the country of the erstwhile Maharajas, who were the true patrons of bespoke luxury," Bugatti executive Julius Kruta said in a statement, referring to India's former hereditary rulers.

"We have in the past received a heartening response from our valued customers and I think the launch of the Bugatti in India will truly delight our discerning audience."

A host of Western luxury car and motorbike manufacturers are targeting the Indian market where the fast-developing economy is minting new multi-millionaires every year.

Shortcomings in public infrastructure are a major constraint on growth, however, and the nation's road network often features poorly maintained single-lane routes outside highly congested urban areas.

One of the country's best-known fast-car enthusiasts, superstar cricket batsman Sachin Tendulkar, beats the traffic by taking his Ferrari out in the early hours of the morning in his home town of Mumbai.

Iconic motorbike maker Harley-Davidson is the most recent major brand to bet on India's elite and has invested in a glitzy showroom in New Delhi, which opened in July.

India has a record 69 billionaires, with 17 new members added to the exclusive club this year, according to business magazine Forbes.

But some 836 million Indians also live on less than 20 rupees (45 cents) a day, according to a government report, while Indian statistics on health, infant mortality, malnutrition and income are worse than those for sub-Saharan Africa.

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A Repost From AFP

World's 'largest Jesus' being built in Poland

Priest Sylwester Zawadzki stands in front of the head Christ statue to be erected on a hill, rests in Swiebodzin, (south-west Poland). "The statue will be a total 58 metres (190 feet) high from the base and 24 metres wide at the arms," added Zawadzki, foreman on the project and brother of the priest.

SWIEBODZIN, Poland (AFP) - – A Polish priest said Friday he is nearing completion of what will be the world's largest statue of Jesus Christ, bigger than the current tallest ones in Bolivia and Brazil.

Father Sylwester Zawadzki told AFP that the statue he is constructing at Swiebodzin in western Poland, 50 kilometres (31 miles) from the Polish-German border, will be finished by November 21.

"The statue will be a total 58 metres (190 feet) high from the base and 24 metres wide at the arms," added Jan Zawadzki, foreman on the project and brother of the priest.

The Roman Catholic pastor came up with the idea to build a statue of Christ larger than any other in the world five years ago.

He purchased a four-acre (1.6-hectare) plot for the project from a state farmland agency and acquired sponsors, aiming to fulfil a cherished ambition.

"My first vocation was to become a priest. My second was to build the statue," the priest told AFP.

Zawadzki has had trouble finding a crane strong enough to hoist the head up onto the shoulders of the Christ figure and has considered using a helicopter.

The statue will be visible from the A2 highway linking Warsaw and Berlin.

Like Christ of Concordia in Bolivia and the Christ of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil -- both of which measure about 33 metres without their pedestals, the Christ of Swiebodzin is entirely white.

Unlike the other two statues, the figure in Poland will have a golden crown.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

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GMA 7 exec: ‘Heart is still Dwarfina’

By Chuck Smith – October 28th, 2010
Heart Evangelista

“Basta, kahit ano ang mangyari, siya (Heart Evangelista) pa rin si Dwarfina.”

This is what GMA Network Senior Vice President for Entertainment Wilma Galvante told the entertainment press when asked about Heart’s recent conflict with Annabelle Rama. Galvante, together with other GMA 7 executives, revealed in a recent press conference that Heart Evangelista will topbill “Dwarfina,” which is part of the network’s closing salvo for 2010.

Rama lambasted Heart’s decision not to renew a co-management deal with her last week. Rama called the young actress an ingrate and “walang utang na loob.” Heart’s family already released a statement saying that they stand by their decision.

“Dwarfina,” a Thumbelina-inspired telefantasya, will feature Heart as a six-inch tall heroine who was put under a curse. The show will also star Dennis Trillo and “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Will Devaughn and will premiere this November.

Galvante also said the network will feature the much awaited Ogie Alcasid-Regine Velasquez. Nuptials that will be held at Punta Fuego in Batangas on December 26. The wedding, which will take place on December 22, is described by Galvante as a “wedding inside a concert” due to the participation of some of the country’s biggest singers in the event.

The coverage, she added, is the network’s gift to two of their biggest stars.

2011 programming

The Kapuso network will also offer some exciting programming for the coming year.

On top of the list are “I ♥ You Pare” starring Regine Velasquez and Dingdong Dantes; the return of Captain Barbell with Richard Gutierrez; and the historical soap opera “Amaya,” led by Marian Rivera.

GMA 7 is also planning to present new formats and platforms for previously successful concepts.

First off is the talent search “Stardom.” According to GMA VP for Drama Lilybeth Rasonable, “Stardom” will replace the network’s highly successful reality talent search, “Starstruck” which ran for five seasons.

“Kasi tumakbo na ng five years yung Starstruck. We feel that nagawa mo na yung magagawa sa programa with that kind of talent search. There are many ways to package a talent search,” Rasonable said.

After the success of the musical comedy “Diva,” the network is also eyeing another first for the network: a “danceserye” tentatively titled “Dance with Me,” a show Rasonable said the network has been working on for the past four months. The show will feature some of the network’s best dancers. They will also hold nationwide auditions to find new dancing talents for the show.

Galvante also confirmed that the network is currently developing a Claudine Barretto soap opera with a planned 2011 second quarter release.

Other new programs for 2011 include a weekly wakasan series to be hosted by a prominent female celebrity and a weekend horror anthology that’s inspired by Philippine folklore (“but treated in a different way because it’s going to be for an entire family viewing,” according to Rasonable).

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Repost From PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)

Karen delos Reyes confirms tiff with fellow Survivor castaway Pretty Trizsa

Karen delos Reyes confirms tiff with fellow Survivor castaway Pretty Trizsa; roots for Akihiro Sato to become ultimate survivor
Slideshow: Showbiz Photos

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had a chance to talk to young actress Karen delos Reyes at a pocket interview in GMA-7's executive lounge on October 19.

Karen is an eliminated castaway in Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown. Throughout her stay in the game, viewers were entertained by her sharp and witty dialogue.

According to the commercial model turned actress, she got her way of speech from the people in her life, like her friends and relatives.

"Like yung dulot, I think I got it from, like, other people. Kasi hindi na siya ginagamit ngayon, e. I think nakuha ko siya sa mga tito ko before. Alam ko may tito ako na taga-Tondo na sinabi yun. Something like that," Karen said.

Karen said the words naturally come to her when emotions are high. For instance, she called fellow castaway Pretty Trisza "gamol" because of what he did during the game.

"Around 9 or 10 a.m., I had my blow-by-blow interview. It's really, really fresh pa, kaya ganun ang reaksiyon ko. Na tipong, 'Wow, wow naman, p're!'

"Kasi, I think I woke up around 6:30 in the morning. And then, kinuwento sa akin ni Aubrey [Miles] yung pangyayari, yung kagamol-gamol na pangyayari. Ako kasi, every time na gumigising ako sa isla, the first thing that I do is drink water.

"And then I found out through Aubrey na he took a dump, a crap, or whatever you call it, near the water source, which is, ako, yun ang una kong ginagawa. And, yung iniinuman namin ng water, yun ang ginamit niyang pang-wahy-washy.

"So, di ba, parang, it's like a meter away lang. Ang lapit lang. Have consideration naman to the people around you.

"Tapos, sabi niya sinadya niya? No, e. Kasi after nung incident na 'yon, alam ko nagtanong pa siya sa amin na, 'Do you dig a hole when you...?'" Karen said.

Lastly, Karen calls her experience with Survivor "daga-daga."

"Kumbaga, yung daga-daga kasi... Alam n'yo naman po ang daga kasi, mahirap pa sa daga, something like that. Itong experience ko sa Survivor, ito yung totoong daga na grabe," she said.

TIFF WITH TRIZSA. Karen also confirmed rumors that she and Pretty Trizsa are not in good terms. According to reports, the two does not talk with each other when they were hosting Survivor Philippines Exclusive.

"Hindi naman sa hindi pinapansin," Karen said. "Civil ako sa kanya. Saka hindi ko naman siya kaibigan, e. Bakit ako ku-close sa kanya, e, na, 'Hey, close tayo!'"

Karen said she does not want to bother being friends to people who gve her "negative vibes."

"Hindi po kasi ako plastik na tao, e. So, the vibe... Like way back, the vibe that he was giving me was kinda nega. So, bakit pa 'ko lalapit sa isang taong nega vibes sa akin?" she reasoned out.

Karen clarified that she does not hate Trisza—she just doesn't care about him.

PEP asked Karen how the tiff started. Is Pretty Trizsa's interview on 24 Oras, where he said Karen might have an unhappy childhood, a factor?

"No comment," she replied.

NATURAL INTUITION. Shifting gears, Karen talked about her boot from Survivor. She said she had foreseen her elimination.

"Every time na may matatanggal, I have this like, I can sense their vibe? Yung kay Doc Ferdz, sumagi na dun sa utak na si Doc Ferdz yung una, e. Kaya ganun yung reaksiyon ko na, kumbaga, a part dun sa inisip ko was right. Kasi nobody knew na si Doc Ferdz yung una.

"Second, Myka. I knew Myka was gonna be out. Third was Buwi, and, kumbaga, sumagi na rin sa isip ko na si Sir Buwi ang matatanggal.

"Yung fourth, nung first tribal council namin, actually first tribal council ko, parang sabi ko, 'Bakit walang pumapasok, walang sumasagi sa utak ko na kung sino ang matatanggal? Baka ako na,'" she said.

Karen said being eliminated from Survivor did not make her feel bad.

"Kumbaga, peace lang. I was here for the adventure, not for anything else. Kung meron mang sabihin natin na three million, siguro pag nakasama ako sa merge, I would think of the prize na."

She did not even think of the three million peso grand prize?

"Wala talaga, e. Kumbaga ako, sige trip tayo. Ganun lang," Karen said.

Karen prefers that Akihiro Sato gets the prize instead of her. She said the Brazilian model fished seafood for her so she could eat.

"Hindi po ako makakain kung hindi dahil sa kanya, e. Pescetarian po ako. Walang chicken, lamang-dagat lang... He taught me how to get crabs kaya siya talaga for me is the ultimate Survivor," she said.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Pacquiao Begins Wild Card Training

MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao hardly showed the ill-effects of jet lag when he showed up for training at the Wild Card Boxing Club on Monday afternoon (Tuesday morning in Manila), something his conditioning coach Alex Ariza said was a good sign with less than three weeks remaining before the Nov. 13 encounter with Antonio Margarito in Dallas. "Considering that he had just arrived, you'd think jet lag would affect him but he was good today," said Ariza on Tuesday after Pacquiao's first training day after spending the first four weeks in Baguio City and Manila. Pacquiao arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday night and after spending some time with his Filipino-American friends the following day, Pacquiao reverted back to his old and familiar ways, doing his morning roadwork at Griffith Park before reporting for duty at the Wild Card on Monday. There was no sparring scheduled but there will be some body banging on Tuesday when a new set of sparmates, headed by Armenian Vanes Martirosyan, reports for duty, aching to collect the $1,000 bounty in the event they succeed in putting Pacquiao to the floor. Ever since Roach came up with that idea years ago, nobody has succeeded in lifting Pacquiao off the floor in sparring, a testament to his superb talent and topnotch conditioning. Over at Oxnard, which is 45 miles from Los Angeles, Margarito said he has succeeded in correcting some of his mistakes under the guidance of trainer Robert Garcia, who will be working the Mexican's corner for only the second time. "Robert (Garcia) has brought a lot of new things into my training regime. We have been correcting a few mistakes. I don't feel the change from [former trainer] Javier Capetillo, although each one of them has a different way of training. I am quite pleased with them; the truth is that we have corrected a lot of mistakes, even though this is only the second training camp we have done together. I believe we're going to do much better with him on board," wrote Margarito in his diary for ESPN. Margarito said he was unimpressive the last time he fought in May because of the inactivity stemming from his suspension for loading up his wraps with a hardening substance. "Now I will be the same old fighter that puts all the pressure and leaves everything in the ring. The comeback after the suspension cost me a little bit, but everything is back to normal now, and on Nov. 13 we are going to demonstrate it. I will be the same boxer I was before, the fighter that leaves his heart in the ring, and on Nov. 13 we will be able to demonstrate it."

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Monday, October 25, 2010

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Luis says persisting to win Angel back

Luis says persisting to win Angel back

MANILA,Philippines- TV host-actor Luis Manzano has slashed off intrigues that he has grown tired of trying to win back his ex-girlfriend Angel Locsin.

In an interview with "The Buzz", Manzano shared that he and Locsin are both ironing their relationship which was called off a year ago.

"We're trying to patch things up. We have no idea what the future has in store. Right now nalagpasan na namin lahat iyong galit, anger and what you call bitterness and everything," said Manzano.

The award-winning actor revealed that he remains to be as hopeful as he could be in wooing back Locsin.

“Step by step, hindi puwedeng madaliin. I’m not getting any younger, the same way Angel is very, very busy and very blessed. Sana malatag na namin lahat and we start with a very clean slate,” Manzano added.

Reacting to Locsin’s view of not rekindling past relationships, Manzano said that it would never make him stop doing extraordinary things for his loved-one.

“I completely respect that and there’s always a first for something. Hindi ako nagiging kampante, ang sinsabi ko lang, one thing about life is it never fails to surprise us,” Manzano ended.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Repost From Manila Bulletin

David Foster Vows to Help Charice Realize Dream to Win a Grammy Next

MANILA, Philippines - The 15-time Grammy winning songwriter-producer David Foster, in town for a concert Saturday at the Araneta Coliseum, said Filipino singer Charice is like a daughter to him.

His show featured Natalie Cole, Peter Cetera, ''American Idol'' alumnae Ruben Studdard, The Canadian Tenors and our own Charice Pempengco.

During the press conference at the Resorts World Hotel in Pasay City Oct. 21, Foster talked about Pempengco openly.

''She's like one of my children,'' said the father of five.

''Young women need some kind of a male role model. Charice has a great mother, Raquel, and a great brother, Carl. But in the male department, she's coming up a bit short,'' emphasized Foster, alluding to the singer's estrangement with her biological father.

The comment, though seemingly very much a source of pride for Pempengco, is nothing new.

The diminutive diva recalled that, as far back as two years ago, Foster would always introduce her as such.

Facing Foster, Pempengco reminded him of an instance when ''a group of people asked you about me and you told them, 'She's like my sixth daughter.' For me, that was the most special moment.''

The bond between Foster and Pempengco began after the two were introduced to each other by TV host Oprah Winfrey, who was hoping for more opportunities for the then 14-year-old YouTube sensation.

Foster, impressed by Pempengco's singing prowess, immediately took her under his wings; eventually producing her eponymous debut album.

''The voice gets better every day. She was great when I met her at age 14, so you can imagine how I feel about her voice now. I call her a laser beam,'' said he in an interview with ''TV Patrol.''

Foster compares Pempengco to a young Whitney Houston.

''She has always been confident of her singing, but now her personality is getting confident,'' he beamed.

Foster is not the only one who aims to guide and nurture Pempengco. The producer himself revealed that most of his friends in the industry, including the featured singers in the tour, Studdard, Cole and Cetera would always readily give the young singer advice.

''She's getting a first-class Harvard education right in front of your eyes. She's getting all the parental guidance she needs,'' he said.

Not that Foster is already happy and content with the success that Pempengco is currently enjoying.

''I will continue working until she becomes the first true Asian world superstar.''

He assured Pempengco that he is aiming for her to get a Grammy - a long time wish.

''If we don't get them this year, we're gonna get them next year.''

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Repost From PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)

Heart Evangelista and Dennis Trillo are in love, but not with each other

Heart Evangelista and Dennis Trillo are in love, but not with each other
Slideshow: Showbiz Photos

Naging tapat noon si Dennis Trillo sa pagsasabing si Heart Evangelista ang kanyang tipo na babae.

Hindi man ito nauwi sa isang relasyon, sapat na raw na maging magkaibigan na lang ang dalawa at magkasama sa bagong GMA series na Dwarfina.

"Hindi naman kami nandito para gumawa ng panibagong love life, nandito kami para magtrabaho," pahayag ng aktor nang sabay silang interbyuhin ng Startalk TX na ipinalabas kahapon, Sabado, October 23.

Ayon naman kay Heart, "Yeah and I'm really excited to work with Dennis kasi nabitin din ako sa Mano Po, dahil iba din siyang kabatuhan sa linya.

"He's a very good actor."

Kitang-kita na parehong in love ngayon sina Dennis at Heart; si Dennis, kay Jennylyn Mercado, at si Heart naman, kay Brazilian-Japanese actor/model na si Daniel Matsunaga.

Pero sapat na ba ito para maramdaman ng mga manonood ang pag-iibigan ng mga karakter nila sa Dwarfina?

"Kaya pag pinanood ninyo yung Dwarfina, yung nararamdaman naming inspirasyon, makikita ninyo doon," says Heart.

Na sinegundahan naman ni Dennis, "Oo kasi na-experience na namin, alam na namin, e."

During the interview, Heart managed to ask Dennis some questions habang hawak ang mikropono ng isa sa mga TV crew na nag-iinterbyu sa kanila.

Tinanong ni Heart ang aktor kung ano ang mga nakita nito kay Jennylyn at na-in love siya sa aktres.

"Siyempre, simple lang siya, mabait na tao, totoong tao," Dennis said.

Tinanong naman ng aktor si Heart kung ano ang mga qualities na nagustuhan ng dalaga sa present boyfriend nito na si Daniel.

Heart replied, "Mabait, mabuting tao, totoong tao, masayang kasama, ganyan.

"Parang pareho rin ni Jennylyn!"

Na sinagot naman ni Dennis ng "Ganu'n talaga 'yun, e!"

Pero matipid pa rin ang mga sagot ni Dennis tungkol sa relasyon nila ni Jennylyn.

"Kahit anong relasyon naman, mas maganda yung tahimik, di ba, para siyempre, personal na parte yun ng buhay mo, iyon ang kabilang side ng life mo pag hindi ka artista, di ba? So ako mas gusto ko talaga tahimik."

Very open naman si Heart sa relasyon nila ni Daniel.

Kamakailan nga ay nagbakasyon ang dalawa sa Japan.

And to document their trip, isang music video pa raw ang ginawa ni Heart.

"Yes, that's true, [it's] a personal video sana, but why not share with the fans yung love?

"I've always edited my videos, my vacations, ganyan, nag-e-edit talaga ako."

Kung si Heart [at Daniel] ay sa Japan, si Dennis naman ay may memorable moments with Jennylyn sa Hong Kong.

The two were also asked kung ano ang mga nangyaring hinding-hindi malilimutan ni Dennis sa Hong Kong at ni Heart sa Japan, nuong kasama nila ang kanilang mga mahal sa buhay.

"Wala naman siyempre, yung pasyal, kasama mo yung espesyal sa 'yo," sabi ni Dennis.

Ayon naman kay Heart, "Actually kahit saan ka pumunta, kahit sabihin mong pumunta ka lang diyan sa wet market ganyan, everything is fun when you're in love, tama Dennis?"

Agree naman si Dennis.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Repost From ABS-CBN News

ABS-CBN relives 'Mara Clara' legacy

ABS-CBN relives 'Mara Clara' legacy

MANILA, Philippines – After 12 years, ABS-CBN is set to relive the legacy of the “Mother of All Teleseryes,” “Mara Clara.”

"Mara Clara's" premiere episode will air on October 25 on Primetime Bida.

Aired from Aug. 17, 1992 until Feb. 14, 1997, the original "Mara Clara" series was one of the highest-rated soap operas in the history of Philippine TV, and is considered one of the most unforgettable stories ever told on the boob tube.

"Mara Clara" is the show which paved the way for the success of today’s Queen of Teleserye, Judy Ann Santos (Mara) and actress Gladys Reyes (Clara).

The story of the new series still focuses on the lives of 2 girls who were raised in 2 opposite worlds – one grew up in a comfortable and rich lifestyle, while the other spent her childhood in slums.

"Mara Clara" will be topbilled by two promising young actresses, Kathryn Bernardo as the new Mara and Julia Montes as the new Clara. Both will reprise the roles of two characters that have made a mark in local show business and carved an indelible spot in the hearts of Filipinos.

Directed by Jerome Pobocan, director of the now defunct top-rating primetime series “May Bukas Pa,” the new "Mara Clara" will still have the "magic" that once captivated Filipino viewers for 5 years.

“Nandoon pa rin ang kurot ng 'Mara Clara.' Kung paano kayo naantig noon sa kwento at mga eksena, nandoon pa rin yung magic na ‘yon sa remake nito,” Pobocan shared.

Mara Clara was the first Philippine drama series to have its own movie via Star Cinema in 1996 with the same title.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Repost From PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)

Annabelle Rama lambasts Heart Evangelista: "Yung mga walanghiyang talent, ingrata, walang utang na loob, malalaos din 'yan!"

Annabelle Rama lambasts Heart Evangelista: "Yung mga walanghiyang talent, ingrata, walang utang na loob, malalaos din 'yan!"
Slideshow: Showbiz Photos

Isang presscon para sa mga talent ng Royale Artists Management Inc. ang ipinatawag ni Annabelle Rama sa isang Chinese restaurant sa Quezon City kaninang tanghali, October 21. Ang Royale Artists Management Inc. ang dating Royale Era Entertainment, Inc.

Ipinakilala ni Annabelle sa presscon ang kanyang mga bagong talent na sina Paolo Paraiso at Jon Hall. Ibinalita rin ni Annabelle ang mga magaganap sa kanyang birthday celebration sa October 28 sa Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Isang show na magpapakita sa mga talent ng kanyang mga alaga ang mapapanood. Kasabay nito ang launching ng Spotlight, ang magazine na magtatampok sa 29 talents ng Royale Artists Management, Inc.

PRAISING JC. Ang pangalan ni JC de Vera ang mabilis na isinagot ni Annabelle nang tanungin ito kung sino sa mga talent ng Royale Artists Management Inc.—maliban sa mga kanyang mga anak na sina Ruffa, Richard, at Raymond Gutierrez—ang kanyang paborito.

"Hindi matigas ang ulo ni JC. Very professional siya," sabi ng talent manager.

"Natutuwa ako kay JC dahil siya, masipag magtrabaho at nakikinig siya sa kanyang manager kaya naging asenso ang buhay ni JC ngayon. Nagpapagawa na siya ng bahay, tapos may kotse na siya.

"Matutuwa ka kay JC dahil nang makuha ko siya, walang-wala siya. Bibili siya ng lumang kotse, sabi ko mag-brand new siya. 'Iutang mo na lang kasi kung lumang kotse, mahihinto ka sa kalye.'

"Sabi ko, 'JC, magtiis ka muna sa five thousand pesos [talent fee] per taping.' Every taping ni JC, P10,000, aabot 'yan sa P100,000. Ang suweldo niya ngayon, aabot ng P500,000 a month, more pa.

"Nakakatuwa kasi nagtiyaga si JC sa akin. Hindi siya na-discourage. Hindi siya nagmamadali na kumita. Talagang naghintay lang siya. Ngayon, binigyan siya ng project ng Diyos, umasenso siya."

Regular na napapanood si JC sa mga sumusunod na programa ng TV5: P.O.5, Lokomoko High, at ang upcoming kiligserye na My Driver Sweet Lover.

Sabi pa ni Annabelle, "Natutuwa ako sa lahat ng mga talents ko, masisipag. Nakikinig sila sa manager nila. Naniniwala sila sa aking kakayahan. Lahat ng talents ko, kapag umasenso ang buhay nila, natutuwa ako."

HURT BY HEART. Pero ikinabigla ng entertainment press na dumalo sa presscon ang mga sumunod na pahayag ni Annabelle. Hindi nila inaasahan ang kanyang mga rebelasyon laban sa alaga niyang si Heart Evangelista.

"Pinakamalaking kontrata, nakuha ko sa GMA-7. Pinakamalaking trabaho na nakuha ko sa kanya, hindi pa sila ma-satisfy. Naloloka ang byuti ko!

"Nakuha ko yung contract, kinuha sa akin ng mommy niya ang kontrata niya, for another three years. Napakalaki ng kontrata.

"Naduling yata ang nanay sa pagbasa. The next day, sinabi niya na 'ayaw ko nang mag-renew, hanggang two years lang tayo,' samantalang mag-two years pa lang kami."

Ang tinutukoy ni Annabelle ay ang ina ni Heart na si Mrs. Cecile Ongpauco.

Patuloy ng talent manager, "Nakita nila yung kontrata sa GMA, malaki ang figures. The next day, 'Pwede ba, puwede ba ako na lang ang mag-manage sa anak ko? Kasi kailangan ko ring tulungan ang sarili namin. Sayang naman yung 30 percent [commission] na makukuha ko.'

"Okey lang sa akin. So, meron pa siyang one year sa akin," pagtukoy naman ni Annabelle sa nalalabi pang kontrata ni Heart.

Dagdag niya, "Sa tagal ko na sa industriya, sa tagal ko nang manager, yung mga walanghiyang talent, ingrata, walang utang na loob, malalaos din 'yan!

"Hindi ako papayag. 'Yang mga walang utang na loob, mga ingrata, hindi sisikat 'yan. Kakarmahin 'yan sa akin!

"Yung kontrata na nakuha ko sa GMA, mula nang mag-umpisa siya sa GMA, hindi niya natikman sa kabilang istasyon, even one-fourth ng kontrata na nakuha ko sa GMA."

Mula sa ABS-CBN, lumipat si Heart sa bakuran ng GMA-7 noong April 23, 2008. Kasama niyang pumirma ng kontrata sa Kapuso network noon ang kanyang ina at si Annabelle, na tumatayong co-managers niya.

Pumirma ulit ng two-year exclusive contract si Heart sa GMA-7 noong July 15, 2010. Kasamang muli ni Heart sa pagpirma ang kanyang ina at si Annabelle.

Sabi pa ni Annabelle, "Ngayon lang siya sa buhay niya nakatikim ng ganoong klaseng suweldo, galing sa akin. Pero yumabang naman sila kaya gusto ng nanay na siya ang mag-manage. Good luck! Yun lang, good luck, girls.

"Nasaktan ako dahil ako talaga ang nag-buildup sa kanya. After three years niya na nalaos, ako ang nag-buildup sa kanya.

"Ako, sinasabi ko, wala pa akong isinusumpang talent na sumisikat kapag nagwalanghiya sa akin! Kasi masama ang loob ko talaga..."

Sinabi rin ni Annabelle na kasali dapat si Heart sa fashion show sa pagrampa sa show ng Royale Artists, pero ayaw raw nito. Kaya binura na raw ang pangalan ng young actress sa listahan ng mga rarampa sa fashion show.

Ayon pa kay Annabelle tungkol kay Heart, "Kapag may kasama siyang pangit, nandidiri siya. Hindi naman puwedeng ganoon. Hindi naman siya superstar.

"Naging star lang siya dahil sa akin kasi matagal na siyang nalaos! Wala siyang project, sa akin lang siya nabuhay. Binuhay ko lang ang kanyang patay na career.

"Yun ang motto ko sa buhay ko, yung mga patay na career, binubuhay ko. Yung mga nalalaos, pinapasikat ko. Yon ang motto ko sa buhay ko.

"Pinu-prove ko 'yon how many times na. Maski mga anak ko, sinasabihan ko ng ganoon."

HEART'S REACTION. Ito naman ang reaksiyon na ibinigay ni Heart sa blogsite na

"Contracts are made to end. I guess by not renewing the other party isn't happy. I've always been handled by my family. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I'll always be grateful to the people that helped me along the way. Positive vibes. God bless!"

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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Repost From Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Jollibee to acquire 70% of Mang Inasal

By Yahoo! Southeast Asia Editors – October 18th, 2010

By Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), the Philippines’ largest food service company, offered to acquire 70 percent of Mang Inasal Philippines, Inc. (MIPI), owner and operator of the Mang Inasal restaurant chain.

In a statement, JFC said it Injap Investments Inc., parent company of MIPI, has “unconditionally and irrevocably accepted” the offer.

JFC said its unsolicited offer included the principal terms of the share purchase agreement, which will be signed within 30 days. This would be subject to completion of JFC’s due diligence.

Once the deal is done, JFC would own 70 percent of MIPI, while the rest is owned by Injap.

JFC Chief Finance Officer and Vice President Mr. Ysmael V. Baysa said the purchase is estimated to amount to approximately P3 billion.

“Part of the consideration in the amount of P200 millions had been paid by JFC as initial payment. Thereafter, 90% of the purchase price (less than the initial payment) will be paid on closing, with the remaining 10 % paid over 3 years from closing,” the JFC statement added.

JFC’s deal with Mang Inasal is estimated to add 5 percent to its worldwide system wide sales, 5 percent to its revenues, and 7 percent to its net operating income on annual basis.

Mang Inasal, on other end, will increase JFC’s store network in the Philippines by 19 percent and 16 percent worldwide.

Mang Inasal serves grilled chicken and Filipino food.

As of October 18, 2010, the chain consists of a total of 303 stories, of which 24 are company-owned and 279 are franchised. It operates 2 commissaries.

MIPI has an estimated annual total revenues of P2.6 billion and system-wide sales of P3.8 billion.

The JFC Group of Companies currently operates a total of 1,578 stores in the country. It is also operating 375 stores abroad.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Repost From Manila Bulletin

Kris Happy for James and Isabel; Comments on PNoy-Shalani Split

MANILA, Philippines - Kris Aquino welcomed the news that estranged husband James Yap allegedly dated actress Isabel Oli, saying it will speed up their annulment process. "I praise God and I thank God. Okay? For that [fact that James is dating Isabel Oli]," she said in an interview held on the set of "Dalaw," Star Cinema's entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival-Philippines (MMFF-P). She rationalized on "TV Patrol" why she is grateful over the development. "Kasi the quicker he moves on, and the faster na meron siyang magustuhan talaga, hindi na niya pahihirapan yung annulment." Although Yap and Oli admit to being friends and to having met at a mall recently, they denied it was a date. "Kaibigan ko lang yon. Nagkasalubong lang kami sa isang mall, hi, hello. May kasama naman siya so impossibleng [we dated]. Kasama ko ang mga pinsan ko, galing Canada. Sinamahan ko sila," Yap said in a separate interview. He stressed that he was shocked by the reported romantic angle between him and the actress. "Ang sasabihin ko lang, kung mayroon na ako, sasabihin ko sa buong mundo." But Kris believes the meeting was a date. She believes Yap just denied the budding romance because of the annulments case. "Siyempre ide-deny niya! Katabi niya yung lawyer (Atty. Lorna Kapunan) niya," Kris remarked. Aquino praised Yap's alleged new girl. "She's really very pretty," said Kris of Oli, whom she's seen on TV commercials. Only good words for Shalani Kris Aquino also commented on the break-up of brother, President Noynoy Aquino to Valenzuela Councilor Shalani Soledad. In a seeming case of parallelism, the Chief Executive was also rumored to have been dating other women of late. The names of TV5 reporter and former child actress Patricia Ann Roque, the President's stylist Liz Uy, and a "Barbie" have come up as PNoy's new romance. But like Yap, the President denied the reports. Kris begged off from elaborating on her brother's love life, saying, "Napagsabihan ako talaga na, 'May I remind you, ikaw ang bunso. So when it comes to my romantic life, hindi ikaw ang dapat nagbibigay ng advice."' Then again, she thinks there's nothing wrong if the President dates other women after the break-up. "He's single, diba? So he's allowed to date," she pointed out. Kris reserved only the kindest of words for her brother's ex-girlfriend. "Kung anuman ang pupuntahan nilang dalawa, naging mabait naman si Shalani sa aming lahat, so I also wish her happiness." Recently, Soledad met her father whom she never got the chance to know until then. In a "Juicy" TV report, host Cristy Fermin said Soledad was quoted to have said, "Nawasak man ang puso ko [with the split with Noynoy], nabuo naman ang pagkatao ko."

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Repost From Manila Bulletin

Arum Expects over 1.3-Million Buys for Pacquiao Fight

MANILA, Philippines - Bob Arum has seen them all. But the Hall of Fame promoter, known for his love for hyperbole, insists he is not exaggerating when asked about his target for the Nov. 13 showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito. "I am confident this fight will do well over the 1.3-million (pay-per-view) buys that Manny did against Oscar De La Hoya (in 2008)," said Arum on Saturday from Baguio, a few hours after arriving from Las Vegas. Arum's good vibes stem from Pacquiao last performance against Joshua Clottey last March that drew 700,000 buys considering that the Ghanaian slugger virtually has zero fanbase in the Texas area. Arum and his stepdaughter Dena DuBoef were ferried to the City of Pines shortly after they touched down in Manila using the private plane of former Ilocos Sur Gov. Chavit Singson, a close friend of Pacquiao. Arum will be in Baguio for a media day scheduled Monday and the Top Rank chief exudes optimism that the Pacquiao-Margarito battle at Cowboy Stadium will eventually become a landmark event. "Ticket sales are really strong and almost all the floor seats have been sold," said Arum, referring to the $700 tickets that usually are reserved for celebrities. But Arum warns Pacquiao not to take Margarito, a huge underdog, lightly as he has been in informed that the Mexican is training like hell in Oxnard, California. Meanwhile, Pacquiao will also host a media day at the Wild Card in Hollywood on Oct. 27, followed by Margarito holding his own the following day at the Lb For Lb Gym in Los Angeles. Pacquiao flies to Dallas on board a private plane to be leased by Arum on Nov. 8.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

A Repost From Philippine Star

Palace: P21-billion cash transfers to push through
By Jess Diaz (The Philippine Star) Updated October 16, 2010 12:00 AM Comments (29) View comments

MANILA, Philippines - MalacaƱang is renewing its pitch for a P21-billion program to benefit the “poorest of the poor,” appealing to Congress to keep the funds intact.

“The conditional cash transfer (CCT) program of the Aquino administration is timely, responsive and a substantial improvement of the existing program,” Budget Secretary Florencio Abad told reporters on the sidelines of the House budget debates.

“Our CCT program is timely because it seeks to enable the Philippines to comply with its Millennium Development Goal commitments in 2015, where it is now lagging behind in two of eight indicators,” he said.

“It is responsive because it targets directly the poor households and addresses severe reversals in key social indicators such as universal elementary education and maternal health care,” he pointed out.

“Finally, it is an improvement because it is more comprehensive: Beyond CCT, the program comes with substantial investments in basic education, child immunization, and maternal health and public health services,” he added. The CCT program aims to give financial assistance of up to P1,400 a month to poor families provided they comply with certain conditions like seeing to it that their children go to school and they attend family development sessions.

It targets 2.3 million beneficiaries next year and up to four million by the end of President Aquino’s term in 2016.

“The CCT is one of the few effective programs we inherited from the past administration. It is not timely, relevant and responsible to expand the program but also to tie its implementation with meaningful investments in education and healthcare services,” he said.

It has come under criticism from an increasing number of House members, including former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who started the program two years ago.

This year, the dole-out fund has an appropriation of P10 billion.

Nueva Vizcaya Rep. Carlos Padilla, one of the critics of the planned dole-outs, said the cash assistance would only promote mendicancy and would not really solve the problem of hunger and poverty.

The government should instead create jobs for the poor and the jobless and develop the countryside, where most of the poor live, he said.

Criticisms against the dole-outs have twice held up the approval of the proposed P34.3-billion 2011 budget of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the agency that implements the CCT program.

However, the House was scheduled last night to approve the DSWD outlay, which represents a 123-percent increase from this year’s level of P15.4 billion.

“We have already spent two nights on this. That’s already enough. We will put this to a vote before we approve the P1.645-trillion 2011 appropriations program of the President,” Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II told reporters yesterday.

He said the President’s budget proposal would be passed “even if we have to work overtime.” Abad said that aside from the CCT program, the Aquino government has a “complete and comprehensive package of liberating indigent households from poverty.”

“The 2011 Reform Budget provides funding to significantly address resource gaps in basic education, and to provide maternal healthcare facilities and immunization services, especially in the countryside,” he said.

According to Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman, the CCT program would have beneficiaries in all provinces except Batanes, home province of the Abads.

“In Batanes, none of the households passed our criteria for the poorest of the poor,” she told congressmen. – With Aurea Calica

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Repost From Thea Alberto Of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Aquino hits SC for reversing EO 2

By Thea Alberto – October 14th, 2010

By Thea Alberto, Yahoo Southeast Asia

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III on Thursday lashed out at the Supreme Court for granting the motion of a ‘midnight appointee,’ effectively reversing his Executive Order number 2.

On Wednesday, the High Court issued a Status Quo Ante Order granting the motion of Bai Omera Dianalan-Lucman, who was one of the four people who filed petitions questioning EO 2.

“By focusing on the minutiae of the case, the Supreme Court effectively turned back the clock. It dishonors the decency of those who had the courtesy to resign,” Aquino said in a press conference.

By issuing the said decision, Aquino said SC has tested “the limits of its constitutional authority” and even warned that “this latest order could precipitate a clash with another separate, co-equal branch of government.”

Aquino said the SC decision also casts doubt on the legitimacy of officials appointed by his administration.

Aquino then urged the SC to exercise judicial prudence to prevent a “chaos and paralysis in the Executive Branch of government.”

The President, meanwhile, refused to believe that the SC decision against his EO had something to do with his earlier rift with Chief Justice Renato Corona and because the other Justices were appointed by his predecessor, now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

“I’d rather maintain the view that I hold them in respect and I expect them to do what is right,” said Aquino.

On July 30, Aquino signed EO number 2 which recalled the appointments of those installed in their posts two months before the 2010 presidential elections.

Reposted From Thea Alberto of Yahoo! Southeast Asia