Thursday, September 30, 2010

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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

With Oktoberfest celebrations already in full swing, it’s a perfect time to justify all the beer drinking you may be doing in the coming weeks. While the health benefits of red wine have been frequently reported, the plus-sides to beer aren’t as widely known. So, crack open a cold one and check out these five reasons to imbibe—in moderation, of course.

Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
According to several studies, including one done at the Institute of Epidemiology at the University of Muenster, moderate beer drinking reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. The reasons are simple: Alcohol can increase HDL—or “good” cholesterol—levels and reduces the chances of hardening of the arteries and thickening of the blood—two main contributors to heart attacks.
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Drink Your Vitamins
Years ago, Guinness used the slogan “Guinness is Good for You.” It looks like they might have been right. According to a Dutch study conducted at the TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute, beer drinkers had 30% higher levels of vitamin B6 in their blood than non-beer-drinkers—twice the amount of red-wine drinkers.
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Avoid Kidney Stones

According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, risk of kidney stones was decreased 40% in middle-aged beer-drinking men, as compared to non-beer-drinkers. While the researchers couldn’t determine which component of the beverage was responsible for the drop, the evidence of benefit was impressive.
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Help Women Age Better

A Harvard study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed moderate alcohol consumption assisted in preserving the mental faculties of older women, while a Tufts University study concluded alcohol can help preserve bone density, a frequent health issue for aging females. Additionally, some bioflavonoids found in hops (a major ingredient in beer) have similar properties as oestrogens, which may serve as a natural form of hormone replacement therapy in post-menopausal women.
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Prevent Cancer
While research is just beginning to explore the potential cancer-fighting agents in beer, early studies show xanthohumol, a compound found in hops, may help inhibit certain enzymes that can trigger cancer and aid the body in breaking down carcinogens. The compound is current being tested in hopes of creating a preventative treatment for prostate and colon cancers.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Repost From GMA News.TV

Miriam to Chavit: Debate with me on TV

The issue on jueteng took yet another twist Wednesday when Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago challenged Ilocos Sur Gov. Luis "Chavit" Singson to a televised debate, a day after the latter filed graft charges against the feisty lawmaker at the Office of the Ombudsman.

"He scares a lot of people because of his alleged tendency to violence. I wish I could challenge him to a duel, but that is a crime under the Penal Code. So instead, I challenge him to a debate on any of the major TV channels," Santiago said in a statement.

Santiago's challenge came after Singson filed on Tuesday a graft complaint against the senator, accusing her of violating the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Law when she identified him as a jueteng operator in a privilege speech last week.

Singson has since denied Santiago's allegation. (See: Singson, Atong Ang deny role in jueteng operations)

At the same time, Singson said Santiago should face criminal charges for her alleged unexplained wealth; obstructing the probe of her son’s death; and for appointing her relatives as government officials.

"Nobody is above the law... hindi lisensya yung sinasabi niya na senador siya, pwede na siyang manira (being a senator is not a license to malign somebody)," Singson said in a television interview Tuesday.

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But Santiago stressed that the "voluminous" charges filed by Singson were "virtual carbon copies" of the several charges filed against her when she sought reelection last May.

"Those same charges have already been dismissed separately by the Ombudsman, by the Supreme Court two times, and by the Comelec. All the cases were handled by the same discredited lawyer who has managed to lose all his four cases against me," she said.

Santiago was referring to the failed disbarment cases filed against her by lawyer Bonifacio Alentajan, who is coincidentally the lawyer of Singson in the Ombudsman case.

Ombudsman has no jurisdiction?

At the same time, Santiago mocked Singson for allegedly glossing over the fact that the Office of the Ombudsman had earlier ruled that they do not have jurisdication over members of Congress.

"Singson is sabit na naman (Singson failed again), meaning he has again broken the law. The Ombudsman herself ruled that she has no jurisdiction over a senator," she said.

She also said persecuting her for a privilege speech is unconstitutional. "The Constitution provides for parliamentary immunity, meaning that a senator cannot be held liable in any other place outside of the Senate," she said.

Santiago earlier claimed that she has been receiving "implied" death threats because of her jueteng expose.

She, however, expressed readiness to face her supposed foes. "All my enemies out there, feel free to shoot me – preferably in the back. But do it after the gun ban," she joked.

Santiago is on sick leave due to health reasons but said she might come back to the Senate after a month. When she does, Santiago said she might deliver a privilege speech on Singson and his alleged criminal liablities.

Senate Pro Tempore Jose "Jinggoy" Estrada had earlier said that he believes Singson is a jueteng operator as alleged by Santiago.

He likewise expressed disbelief that Singson would say that he does not know how to operate jueteng. "Talaga lang, ha. Tell that to the marines. Lokohin niya ang lelong niya (Really? Tell that to the marines. He can't fool me)," he said.

Singson was the one who blew the whistle on the alleged involvement of former President Joseph Estrada in the illegal numbers game. The expose resulted in the impeachment of Estrada that culminated in his resignation in January 2001 when the military leadership withdrew its support from him. — RSJ, GMANews.TV

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Monday, September 27, 2010

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Miriam claims receiving death threats over jueteng expose

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Monday claimed that she has been receiving "implied" death threats after she identified several personalities as being jueteng lords and operators.

In a statement released on Monday, Santiago said she has been receiving the threats by phone at her office in Quezon City. Santiago is on leave due to health reasons and has instructed that all her calls be referred to her QC office.

She said "unidentified voices" told her to "take it easy on the operators and the Philippine National Police (PNP);" "present witnesses or shut up;" and that "she should resign or else."

She said the calls were received by her executive assistant Sandy Schala and her administrative head Matilde Fuentes and were then relayed to her.

Santiago, however, just dismissed the supposed threats. "Please post all death threats on my Facebook wall," she said.

In a privilege speech last week, Santiago alleged that the heads of the PNP and Department of Interior and Local Government have annually been receiving P300 million in jueteng payoffs.

She likewise identified local officials and other suspected gambling lords to be the main jueteng operators in five regions in the Philippines.

Senator Edgardo Angara, for his part, asked Santiago to name nationally elected officials who are possibly coddling jueteng lords.

Nothing new

Death threats are nothing new to Santiago, the feisty senator from Iloilo.

As Immigration commissioner during the time of the late President Corazon Aquino, Santiago once said that she "eat(s) death threats for breakfast."

At the time, Santiago was going after illegal aliens in the country.

Aside from Santiago, other jueteng whistleblowers have also expressed fears for their lives: retired Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz and Sandra Cam.

In late February this year, jueteng witness Wilfredo "Boy" Mayor was killed in an ambush in Pasay City.

During the Senate hearings in 2005, Mayor had testified that then First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo and several government officials received money from jueteng, a popular but illegal numbers game. The First Gentleman has denied the allegation. — RSJ, GMANews.TV

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Repost From Izah Morales Of Yahoo Southeast Asia

Chasing Manny Pacquiao

By Izah Morales – September 24th, 2010

By Izah Morales
Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Everybody wants a piece of the pound-for-pound king turned Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao.

He never fails to attract an audience wherever he goes– be it at the airport, in the boxing gym, in his province, or now at the House of Representatives.

Amid his busy schedule and status as one of the greatest boxers in the world, having won seven world boxing titles, he remains rooted and ready to entertain fans for a quick photo or an autograph.

Interviewing Pacquiao entails patience. It means waiting for hours, days or even months to secure a sit-down interview.

Yahoo! Southeast Asia team has been chasing Pacquiao in March when he attended the Elorde Memorial Awards. It was again the same experience when the team hounded him in his Sarangani campaign sortie in May.

The team also followed him during his classes and graduation at the Development Academy of the Philippines in June where he had a crash course on public administration.

This week, the team attended his training sessions at the Elorde Boxing gym in Roosevelt Avenue, Quezon City.

After finally winning a political battle, the People’s Champ is back in the ring to prepare for his eight world title match against Mexican boxer Antonio Margarito slated on November 13.

Typically, Pacquiao’s training starts at 1 p.m. But due to unforeseen events (like a heavy rain and traffic), he was late when Yahoo! Southeast Asia visited his training . Even his multi-titled coach Freddie Roach and his conditioning coach Alex Ariza had to wait for him.

Since his training is open to the public, camera totting fans trooped to the Elorde gym to watch his rigorous training.

Pacquiao will be training at the Elorde Boxing Gym until Septempter 25 before he moves to Baguio City on September 26) for a closed-camp training.

Pacquiao’s devotion to boxing is intense as his devotion to his religion. He’s often seen making the sign of the cross every time he enters the ring. Indeed, his faith in God runs deep. As he kneels down to pray at the corner of the ring, his long-time best friend Buboy Fernandez would ask the crowd, “Kaunting katahimikan lang po [Silence please].” Pacquiao prays.

He then proceeds to training. He begins throwing strong punches at Roach. He listens attentively to Roach.

During his training, Roach fell as he absorbed his punches. Wearing a protective body gear, Roach admits he often feels Pacquiao’s power. “It was my first time to fall,” Roach confesses to Yahoo! Southeast Asia, adding, “He’s really getting stronger every day. He will knock out Margarito.”

Roach described Margarito as a tough guy. But he said Margarito’s boxing skills are not good enough for Pacquiao.

“It will be a good fight for Manny. He will try really hard to come forward. He’s big and strong but we’re faster and stronger,” said Roach.

Meanwhile, Ariza assured that Pacquiao would reach the 153 lb weight goal while on training camp.

Pacquiao needs 7,000 calories a day to achieve that weight.

“What we try to do is we try to go to the basic protein groups that I feel are necessary and we would get that out of the food. In addition to, we’ll have about four supplements throughout the day and the evening to maintain the calorie intake,” said Ariza.

After the four-hour training, the boxing champ who came out of the locker room wearing a neatly pressed white polo finally sat down with Yahoo! Southeast Asia to answer some questions.

Yahoo! Southeast Asia: What was your impression of Antonio Margarito when you first met?

Manny: ‘Yung unang pagkikita namin, mabait naman siya. ‘Di kagaya ng iba na bastos! [Not like others who are rude].

Yahoo! Southeast Asia: What can you say about Margarito’s previous hand-wrap controversy during his match with Shane Mosley? People are saying that he should not fight anymore.

Manny: Unfair naman sa kanya na we won’t give him a chance to fight again. Boksingero sya. ‘Pag ang tao nagkakamali, bigyan natin ng chance na mabago ang sarili niya. Leksyon sa kanya yan. But we won’t let that happen in this coming fight.

Roach: I’ll be right there watching him wrapping, watching how he puts his gloves on. I’ll make sure everything is 100 percent right. He got away with that before but now, I won’t let that happen.

Yahoo! Southeast Asia: Who’s your boxing idol?

Manny: Marami akong idol. Basta ‘yung gusto ko ‘yung marunong rumespeto ng kapwa nya.

Yahoo! Southeast Asia: Your fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been postponed twice. People are still clamoring for that mega bout to happen. Why is it not pushing through? What should be the deal for it to push through?

Manny: Ayoko ng pag-usapan ‘yung kay Mayweather. Sana basbasan sya ng Diyos. Sana maayos na nya ang buhay nya. Alam kong marami siyang pinagdadaanang problema ngayon. Hindi ako nagagalit, wala akong sama ng loob sa kanya. Ang dasal ko lang, sana maayos nya na ang buhay nya at magkaroon sya ng takot sa Diyos.

Looking exhausted from his training, Pacquiao stood up and smiled as he went towards the fans.

Pacquiao did not name his boxing idol. But one thing is sure: he’s everybody’s idol—an inspiration to Filipinos from all walks of life.

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No, Kris isn't back with Joey

Is Kris back with Joey M?

No, that headline didn’t come out in Funfare nor in any other column in this paper’s Entertainment Section but in Boo Chanco’s Demand and Supply in the Business Section last Sept. 17. Boo recalled that during a dinner with business people, the topic was not the country’s economy or some such pressing issues but, of all things, affairs of Kris’ heart.

Boo must have been so carried away by his, ehem, “scoop” that he devoted his whole column to the long-forgotten romance of Kris and former Parañaque City Mayor Joey Marquez which is, as far as showbiz denizens are concerned, history. Boo mentioned Kris’ “mistakes” in her choice of men (also including Phillip Salvador, father of Kris’ son Joshua; and Kris’ estranged husband James Yap, father of the couple’s son Baby James a.k.a. Bimby, who is recuperating from a delicate nose surgery) and even made suggestions what Kris can do for Inang Bayan (such as using “her excess energy to promote worthy causes the way Rosa Rosal devoted her life to the Red Cross”).

Boo said that he commented to his businessman friends that “it’s absurd” for Kris to be going back to Joey…”not after that tearful live feed from the Aquino home in Times Street” when…well, you know what happened in that “live feed.”

I, too, found that rumor “absurd.”

So I texted Kris yesterday to find out how the whole yarn must have started. Kris texted back:

No, I haven’t seen him since the wedding of Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago (Almost three years ago, in Tagaytay Highlands. --- RFL). Last week on Pilipinas Win Na Win (PWNW), I greeted Joey Manahan, a nephew of Mr. M (Johnny Manahan) who is a Hawaii State Representative. He was really nice to us when we went to Hawaii last year. He is up for reelection. I said, ‘Thank you, Joey, for being so good to me and my family and for taking good care of us. Good luck.’ That’s why the rumor started. Immediately after the show, people started asking me na.

Here’s Kris’ second text message, unedited:

I just wonder why people are so quick to portray me as the malanding nakihiwalay and James as the mabait, naaping asawa? When all of last week ako ang nakabantay kay Bimby in Makati Med when he was confined from Wednesday to Saturday. Walang narinig ang tao from me na akong dakila and James didn’t even offer a peso for medical bills. (Portions deleted by me. --- RFL) Kaya lang exhausted na ako with people wanting to just see the worst in me.


Friendly advice to businessmen: It might be better if they monitor the country’s economy,…the rise and fall of the peso vis-à-vis the dollar,…instead of how or who Kris’ heart is beating for.

Looking back at the Ondoy tragedy

Tomorrow, Sept. 26, the first anniversary of the Ondoy tragedy, we take another bow to unsung heroes from showbiz who risked life and limb to save those hit by Typhoon Ondoy even if they themselves were victims --- namely Gerald Anderson, Jericho Rosales, Raymart Santiago, Ryan Agoncillo and wife Judy Ann Santos, Jennylyn Mercado (who gave food and shelter to her colleagues), Rochelle Pangilinan (who cooked monggo for hungry neighbors) and Richard Gutierrez who rescued Cristine Reyes (the star who gave Ondoy a harrowing face) from the roof of the Reyes residence in Marikina.

Funfare interviewed three of the hard-hit showbiz guys on how they have moved on from that fateful day in September 2009.

= Malou Santos (Star Cinema managing director): “ I was in the US at that time, so it was very traumatic, with the aggravating pain of helplessness, since I could not do anything except pray. Hearing over the phone that my house, where I lived for 16 years, got submerged in water is one moment I do not want to relive ever. But eventually, gratitude overcame me, thankful that all my loved ones were safe. One year later, Ondoy is the biggest eye-opener for me --- to really live simply, and live gratefully, for only God knows His plans for us.”

= Willie Nepomuceno: “Relatively, Ondoy was the worst tragedy to come my way, next to martial law. Being a Baby Boomer, though my crutch has always been the song We Shall Overcome, after all ‘life is a box of chocolates.’ It’s the lessons in life I remember, not the tragedy itself. I lost a lot of material things but what hurts the most are the memories attached to them like proofs of lasting friendships and family in gifts and photographs, autographed books and record albums, letters and unsolicited articles written about my work, almost nothing to remember me by when I’m gone.”

“But that’s okay. No choice but to be born again. Anyway, I can still hum In My Life. Of course, life has been doubly terrible after Ondoy. I even had to produce my own show to rebuild my career and fend for my family. But that’s life. It can happen to the best of us. You just have to be strong, composed and have our priorities clearly set. Would you still feel desperate when you see the scavengers sleeping on the pavement? Aren’t we lucky?”

= Jean Garcia: “What I remember most about Ondoy are these: I remember the darkness and the cold. And the rush of water and mud. It still makes me shiver sometimes, even though it’s been already a year. But second, I remember how I came to realize how truly important my family is. Mawalan man kami ng bahay, but in our hearts, that’s where we really found home.”

Birthday bash at Little Asia

Little Asia owner-manager Charlemagne Lim celebrated his birthday recently for the first time in 20 years with his mom Teresita who’s here for a vacation. As usual, Charlemagne’s well-wishers were mostly his friends from showbiz. The party lasted until 6 o’clock the next morning. Little Asia (which can cater from 100 to 1,000 persons) has three outlets --- Tomas Morato (call 373-0609), Promenade Greenhills (727-5265) and Venice McKinley Hill at The Fort (798-0354).

In photos are (top, from left): Charlynn Lim, Diether Ocampo, Charlemagne, Teresita, Marge Gutierrez and Charlson Lim…(right, from left) Jomar Lao, Dexter Go, Cedric Lee, Charlemagne, Marge, Charlton Yu, Ronnie Yu, Ron See, Kester Haw and Charlson…(below, right, from left back row) Don Allado, Atoy Llave, Charlemagne, Kester, Dexter Ong and Bryan Tiu; (front row) Charlton and Jessie Yu…(below, from left) Maricar de Mesa, Tanya Peralta and Michelle Ortega…and (bottom, from left) Geoff Lim, Jeredan Conde, Malaya Conde, Charlemagne and Charlton.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

A Repost From Manila Bulletin

Pacquiao shows politics, sports can happily mix

MANILA, Philippines - Freddie Roach had initially thought that Manny Pacquiao's entry into politics would have a huge effect on his boxing career. After only a few rounds with Pacquiao on the mitts, all his worries went flying out the window. "The work ethic is still there. Congress hasn't taken that away. I feel his power, his intensity and he already knows the gameplan to win this fight," said Roach on Friday before he presided over Pacquiao's training at the Elorde Boxing Gym in Quezon City. Roach is helping Pacquiao get in top shape for a Nov. 13 showdown with Antonio Margarito in Dallas and this early, the amiable 50-year-old former fighter believes there is no way Pacquiao would melt away against the lumbering Margarito. "I don't want to kill the fight by saying we're going to blow him away, but we're going to blow him away. I really do," said Roach. Roach is so convinced of the outcome that he is willing to tell it to Margarito's face. "I will bet and tell it to him that he'll quit. The only way that he won't quit is once he gets knocked out." Margarito is in the thick of training in Los Angeles under Robert Garcia and is said to be in terrific form seven weeks before the scheduled 12-round battle for the vacant World Boxing Council super-welterweight crown. But Roach, who has been calling the shots in Pacquiao's corner since 2001, is undaunted. "He (Margarito) is so slow. They better improve something. But I can't say it's an easy fight, though. But I am not worried about this guy at all." Pacquiao and Roach would train for the last time in Metro Manila on Saturday afternoon before traveling to Baguio for the most crucial phase of the training. Roach said sparring will start either Tuesday or Thursday and Pacquiao would be pitted against Michael Medina, the 5-11 from Mexico. Still, Roach is supremely confident that Pacquiao would easily beat Margarito. "I am not losing sleep over Margarito," added Roach.

Reposted From Manila Bulletin

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Repost From Manila Bulletin

Mercado Named to Gilas RP team

MANILA, Philippines - Fil-American playmaker Solomon Mercado of Rain or Shine was named to the Smart Gilas national basketall team becoming the third player from the PBA to reinforce RP squad in the Asian Games from Nov. 12 to 27 in Guangzhou, China. Smart-Gilas Pilipinas Serbian coach Rajko Toroman announced Mercado's inclusion on Thursday saying he was impressed with the performance of the sophomore guard during the exhibition match between Gilas and Rain or Shine. The request was relayed to Rain or Shine owners Terry Que and Raymund Yu who immediately gave their joint approval. "If it's for flag and country so we're supporting it," Yu said. "Of course it's a big honor for our company, as well as for our team." "Sol will be a big loss to our team in the early campaign of the tournament but we're ready to sacrifice since the country's honor is at stake in the Asian Games," added Que. Apparently, Toroman was hesitant at first to get the Rain or Shine guard due to his previous knee injury, but after seeing Mercado in the exhibition match, he was impressed with the way the former stalwart of Biola University played. "He's quick, he can shoot, he can defend," Toroman said. In a recent meeting in Bangkok, the PBA board chaired by B-Meg Derby Ace's Rene Pardo unanimously approved the inclusion of Asi Taulava (now with Meralco) and Kelly Williams of Talk 'N Text to the national team. Even with Mercado in the national team, Toroman said there's no decision yet who will be dropped from among the 12-man lineup.

Reposted From Manila Bulletin

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Repost From ABS-CBN News

Vina Morales hurting over Shaina sex rumor

Vina Morales hurting over Shaina sex rumor

MANILA, Philippines - Actress-singer Vina Morales has broken her silence on the nasty rumor involving her younger sister, Shaina Magdayao.

Magdayao and her real-life sweetheart, John Lloyd Cruz, were rumored to be rushed to a hospital after they got “stuck” while having sex. Magdayao's camp already denied the rumor, calling it outrageous and cheap.

In an interview with ABS-CBN North America News Bureau, Morales said her family got hurt after the rumor came out and spread.

“Okay lang sana kung isang beses, pangalawang beses, pero alam mo ‘yong tuloy tuloy. Wala namang katotohanan, Tsaka nakakadiri! You know what if this will continue, if we need to take legal action, we will do that," Magdayao said.

Amid all the controversies her younger sister is facing, Morales said she and her family will continue to protect, support and love her.

“Mabuting kapatid si Shaina at masipag at mapagmahal sa pamilya and fans niya mapagmahal siya. Kaya naiinis lang ako tuwing may naririnig lang akong ganyan. I really (care) for her but since ganito ang trabaho namin kailangan matigas ang puso mo at kailangan siyang maging matatag," Morales said.

Back to singing

After playing the role of Mercedes, Agua Bendita's mother in ABS-CBN's defunct hit series of the same title, actress-singer Vina Morales is visible again in the concert scene.

Morales, together with the Boyfriends band, jammed inside the Crown Theater at the Rio Hotel and Casino where the singer-actress’s Southern Nevada fans were treated to a Sunday of music and fun.

“We took off from work just to come here and watch," said concertgoer Alma Soria.

Morales was also excited to perform in the US. “I was really excited to be here. When I saw the stage and the theater, ang ganda ng Crown Theater. Mayroon pang hydraulics. Mas nakakaganang mag-perform."

Morales will take the road for a series of concerts in the US together with the Boyfriends band.

Their next stop will be the Atlantic City, New Jersey, Anaheim and Reno.

Reposted From ABS-CBN News

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Repost From ABS-CBN News

Pacquiao's goal: 7,000 more calories per day

Pacquiao's goal: 7,000 more calories per day

MANILA, Philippines – Conditioning expert Alex Ariza plans to fill Manny Pacquiao’s frame with added bulk for the Filipino champion's November 13 fight against the bigger Antonio Margarito of Mexico.

“He has to eat 7,000 calories more a day,” said Ariza, who has helped Pacquiao’s ascent to the heavier divisions, allowing him to win 7 world titles in 7 weight classes.

The conditioning expert said Pacquiao needs the added size to withstand Margarito’s strength.

“We have to build a stronger and denser body to be able to handle the kind of power that Margarito has,” Ariza said.

The Mexican stands at 5' 11" and enjoys a 6-inch advantage over the 5' 6" Pacquiao.

Ariza is confident that Pacquiao will be able to maintain his speed and punching power despite the added size.

“In a case like this, you know, Manny's still gonna have his speed and retain a lot of his strength,” he said.

Pacquiao’s coach, Freddie Roach, earlier said that Pacquiao isn’t likely to weigh far beyond the 151-pound catch weight limit on fight night.

He said speed remains Pacquiao’s biggest asset against larger opponents.

Taller, stronger sparring partners

Roach arrived in Manila on Sunday and brought along two sparring partners for Pacquiao.

Super welterweight Glen Tapia of the US stands at 5' 11" and has more than 100 victories in his amateur career. He also holds 5 knockouts on 7 wins as a pro. Mexico’s Michael Medina, on the other hand, stands 6-feet flat. He already has 24 wins against 2 losses.

The boxing coach said both boxers are tall and strong. He said they will definitely help Pacquiao prepare for his battle against Margarito.

“Tapia has a big right hand like Margarito…so that why he's here. Medina comes forward and puts pressure just like Margarito," Roach said. – With a report from Dyan Castillejo, ABS-CBN News

Reposted From ABS-CBN News

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Repost From ABS-CBN News

Budget for Pacquiao's projects delays Baguio training

Budget for Pacquiao's projects delays Baguio training

MANILA, Philippines - Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao's training in Baguio City has been delayed as he works on securing the budget for his provincial projects on Wednesday's (Sept. 22) hearing. Pacquiao said on Monday this is why the start of his training in Baguio City has been moved to Thursday instead of today (Sept. 20). Pacquiao leaves for USA on October 20 and will stay there until his fight against Mexico's Antonio Margarito on November 13. He said his constituents don't need to worry that he might neglect his legislative duties since he's securing the budget for the projects for his constituents before he leaves for Baguio. Pacquiao said he is not worried about being absent for a month in Congress because he'll have many projects for his constituents. In contrast, he said there are some legislators who are always present, but don't have projects. Coach Freddie Roach said Pacquiao needs to focus first on boxing. If necessary, he said Pacquiao can go back on weekends to do legislative work or if it's really urgent. Even if his ward has been busy with his work as a member of Congress, Roach said Pacquiao is still in fighting form and has not missed a beat. He also said he also wants to see a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight come true.

Roach visited Pacquiao in Congress on Monday, and was among the guests acknowledged by the House of Representatives. Roach sat in the gallery designated for guests, beside Bobby Pacquiao. -- report from Timi Nubla, ABS-CBN News

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Repost From Manila Bulletin

Playtime Over for Pacquiao as Roach, Sparmates Arrive

MANILA, Philippines - Playtime for Manny Pacquiao is over.

Top trainer Freddie Roach arrived in Manila early Sunday morning from Los Angeles accompanied by a pair of mean-looking junior-middleweights who will lend a hand in Pacquiao's buildup for the Nov. 13 showdown with Antonio Margarito. ''We're going to train tomorrow (Monday),'' Roach told the Bulletin as soon as he emerged from a throng of well-wishers and fellow passengers at the Centennial Airport. Roach came in with Glen Tapia (from the Dominican Republic) and Michael Medina (Mexico), who will be the other half of sparring partners that would also include Vanes Martirosyan (Armenia) and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (Mexico). Tapia has a 7-0 record with five knockouts, while Medina has a 24-2 mark with 19 stoppages. ''We're looking forward to working with Manny Pacquiao,'' said Tapia, who got Roach's attention as he shadow-boxed while waiting for their hotel keys at the lobby of the New World. Martirosyan and Chavez Jr., son of the legendary Julio Cesar Sr., are expected to hit town anytime this week in time for the start of training camp in Baguio City, according to Roach. Roach said Rashad Holloway, who was tapped when Pacquiao revved up for Oscar De La Hoya in 2008, will be utilized once Pacquiao and the celebrated cornerman return to the familiar confines of the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood in the third or fourth week of October. Roach had wanted to proceed immediately to Baguio City but Pacquiao's adviser Mike Koncz said the pound-for-pound king plans to send a few more days or the rest of the week in Manila before going up to the City of Pines. Baguio had been used by Roach and Pacquiao as training camp when they were preparing to face Miguel Cotto at around the same time last year. Last week, Pacquiao trained briefly at the Elorde Gym on Del Monte Ave. in Quezon City before returning to General Santos City for a brief R&R. Already in the country since last week is Alex Ariza, the revered conditioning coach and nutritionist of Pacquiao.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Willie signs with TV5 amid ABS-CBN’s P486-M suit

By Gerry Plaza – September 18th, 2010

Showbiz Eye by Gerry Plaza, Special to Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Despite facing a near half-billion-peso damage suit from ABS-CBN, Willie Revillame has signed a talent contract with TV5 for a soon-to-be-produced primetime variety and game show, the “Kapatid” network said in a statement.

The show, titled “Willing Willie,” is a co-production of the host’s Wil Productions Inc. and TV5.

Willie “will definitely return on TV as a certified talent of the newest and most aggressive broadcast network in the country, TV5,” the statement read. Reports said that the show will air daily in the early evening.

TV5 chairman Manny Pangilinan led the network in welcoming the controversial host in its “Kapatid” fold in the recent contract signing.

“We have responded to the public clamor and we look forward to collaborating and working with the team of Willie and (Viva) Boss Vic del Rosario in bringing the audience the best in Philippine entertainment,” MVP said.

Boss Vic, Viva Films founder and chief executive officer, is Willie’s new talent manager and business partner in his new venture, Wil Productions.

According to one of Willie’s lawyers, he was given the go-ahead to sign with TV5 after they have meticulously studied and scrutinized his contract with ABS-CBN, which catapulted Willie to fame as a noontime show host, from “Magandang Tanghali Bayan” to “Wowowee,” using a broadcasting platform that spans a worldwide following through the network’s The Filipino Channel.

“It took some time for us to give Willie the go ahead to sign up with a new network because we had to meticulously scrutinize all the technicalities and legalities of the former contract. We wanted to make sure that his transfer will be as smooth as possible, without further legal drawbacks and hitches that can hamper his growth in his new network. With everything we’ve done and the actions that we plan to do, we believe that Willie is on the clear to work and grow anywhere he wants,” said lawyer Joel L. Bodegon in the TV5 statement.

For its part, ABS-CBN is dead-set to push its case against Willie. And, it raised the stakes.

The Kapamilya network is seeking P486 million in damages for breaching his contract with ABS-CBN, which it said Willie is still bound to until September 2011. ABS-CBN lawyers filed the counterclaim suit before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court on Thursday seeking the court to dismiss Willie’s petition for judicial confirmation of rescission of contract with damages.

Willie had filed a motion for the court to confirm the rescinding of his contract with ABS-CBN, citing the network did not abide by an agreement that he would return to his noontime show “Wowowee” on July 31. He sought P11.5 million in damages in his suit.

ABS-CBN said it was Willie who violated stipulations in his contract, while the network had fulfilled its obligations to its former talent.

The network has not issued a statement on Willie’s latest move. However, it did mention that it would take legal action should Willie sign a talent contract with a rival station.

“We would like to reiterate however that Willie continues to be bound to ABS-CBN and we will challenge in court any contract involving his production or exhibition of another program with another network,” Bong Osorio, ABS-CBN Corporate Communications Head, said in a statement.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Bata, Django Out to Recover Lost Pride

MANILA, Philippines - After their botched bid to retain their World Cup of Pool title last week, the charismatic duo of Efren Reyes and Django Bustamante get another shot at glory before the hometown crowd when they see action in the 10th Annual Predator International Championship starting this Wednesday. Reyes and Bustamante fell short in their bid to win a third World Cup crown after being stunned by a scrappy pair of Indonesians in the round of 16. Only this time, they won't be playing side by side since the contest, set at the SM Mall North Edsa, will be an individual affair. Still, many billiards fans are entertaining thoughts that the two revered stars would meet again in the finals - that is if they hurdle a slew of foreign entries out to gatecrash their projected title showdown. This will be the first time in three years that they will showcase their wares in a singles event which have long been waiting by their respective rivals. Because of leadership disputes among the country's billiards groups, Reyes and Bustamante were forced to skip several international singles events in the Philippines and only took part in teams/doubles tourneys like the World Cup of Pool and the World Mixed Doubles Classic. Standing their way are current World No. 1 Mikka Immonen of Finalnd, Shane Van Boening and Rodney Morris of the Unites States and other Filipino greats in former double world champ Ronnie Alcano and Lee Van Corteza. Canada's John Morra, Japan's Akagariyama Yukio, Lee Chenman of Hong Kong, HA Ha Min ug of Korea, Bashar Hussain of Qatar, and Vitaly Pavlukhin of Russia are among the international competitors.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

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Gerald Anderson-Bea Alonso Romance Rumor Heats Up

Rumors about Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonso continue to abound especially after the 4th Star Magic Ball even though either attended the event with different dates. Gerald showed up with Kim Chiu, surprising everyone since they were reportedly at odds. It is said that the spat between the two had caused Kim to slash her wrist, a rumor that remains unverified. Bea herself came with a surprise date, Zanjoe Marudo. She kidded that she paid Cristine Reyes' leading man to be her date that night. As the night heated up, Kim and Gerald, together with the other Star Magic talents, partied on the dance floor. And when the awards were announced, Gerald reportedly left Kim by herself to join Bea. IC Mendoza cited a source that said Bea and Gerald were indeed exceedingly sweet during the party. ''Ano kasi 'Nay, 'yung source ko, nandoon siya sa ball. Ang sabi, magka-holding hands si Bea at saka si Gerald,'' IC shared on ''Juicy'' Sept. 10. But the sweetness was cut short when an ABS-CBN executive reportedly scolded Gerald for behaving in such a way with Bea. ''After no'n sinita ng isang executive si Gerald na parang ba't gano'n. Tapos si Gerald ang reaction niya, parang naimbiyerna,'' IC said. Shalala was inquisitive as he shared some scenes between Kim and Gerald. ''Totoo ba na nagsasayaw silang dalawa? Tapos parang nag-dim light. Feel na feel ni Kim (ang music). Tapos wala na pala si Gerald,'' Shalala said. Rumor has it that Gerald and Bea left the Star Magic Ball together, much to the consternation of Kim. Veteran host Cristy Fermin could only commiserate with Kim. ''Nakakaawa si Kim. Ang naging mundo niya sa mahabang panahon mula nang lumabas siya sa PBB house ay si Gerald,'' Cristy said. In her last interview, Bea was asked what the real score between her and Gerald was. She refused to answer the query directly. ''Bakit ako ang sasagot niyan?'' she quipped. In his Sept. 5 ''The Buzz'' interview, Gerald denied he and Kim were sweethearts although he admitted they had a ''special relationship.''

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

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James Yap to enter showbiz soon

Don't be surprised if in the next months or so, you will be seeing more of James Yap, controversial basketball superstar and ex-husband of Kris Aquino, going the rounds of high-profile events in and around show business. Somebody in the know told us that James, even as he is flying high on his basketball career right now, has given his possible career in show business much thought and has actually decided to make a go for it. The cager, according to our source, is nursing a bruised ego since some quarters have apparently been spreading talks against him to the effect that he ''now amounts to nothing because he is already separated from his popular wife.'' ''James wants to show everyone that he can still stand on his own and can actually amount to something and be someone on his own merits,'' the source told us. In fact, the source added, James says yes now to almost all the invitations for him outside of the basketball court. One proof is a Sept. 25 event where James will serve as the highlight of a fashion show organized by PBA. He will be featured side by side Ms. Universe Fourth Runner-Up Maria Venus Raj. The handsome daddy of Baby James, the source added, is deluged with offers at this time for guestings, endorsements, corporate appearances, etc. We know for a fact that he is being offered a huge endorsement deal from a prestigious company. And if plans do not miscarry, James Yap's face will be splashed all over in no time. Let's face it, when James Yap appears in public nowadays, the reaction of the public has been quite encouraging. Our media friends who covered the first hearing of the custody case between him and Kris told us that the public went in a frenzy when James appeared from the elevator. ''The screams and the shrieks were louder than when Kris first walked in the room,'' one of them told us. For some reason, James' sex appeal seems to have heightened now that the public knows that he is single again. Let's see if this career trend will transform James Yap into the newest hot television personality around. • • • Sen. Legarda launches Brillante Mendoza's docu 'Buhos' For her intense passion to protect the environment and raise awareness on the issue of climate change, Sen. Loren Legarda seeks every possible venue to push this advocacy and move Filipinos into purposeful action. Legarda, who grew up in flood-prone Malabon, made the worsening flood situation central the theme of her new documentary on climate change, entitled ''Buhos (Downpour).'' The senator collaborates with acclaimed Filipino filmmaker and 2009 Cannes best director Brillante Mendoza, who lends artistic credence to produce a visually interesting, informative, and most importantly, moving documentary. Produced and presented by Legarda, ''Buhos'' successfully demystifies global warming by bringing it down to the level of day-to-day living; offering easy to understand scientific explanations of greenhouse gases and climate change, as well as realistic ways of addressing this clear and present danger, in the context of Filipino living. As chairperson of the Senate Standing and Oversight Committees on Climate Change, Legarda principally authored and sponsored landmark environmental laws - the Climate Change Act of 2009, the Environmental Awareness Education Act, the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act and the Clean Air Act, among others. Legarda, a UNEP laureate for environment and United Nations champion for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation for Asia and the Pacific, has been the voice of climate-vulnerable nations like the Philippines and has called for ''climate justice'' for developing countries in various international fora. Beyond her call of duty, Legarda runs a nationwide awareness and education campaign on climate change. She produced the docu-drama ''Ulan sa Tag-araw,'' children's animation movie ''Ligtas Likas,'' and a United Nations documentary ''Now is the Time.'' Legarda implements an extensive tree-planting program through Luntiang Pilipinas and mobilizes humanitarian aid to disaster-affected and poverty-stricken communities through Lingkod Loren. Last year, she reached out to thousands of families left homeless by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng through her missions. ''Buhos'' will be launched on Sept. 13, 12 noon at the SM Mall of Asia Cinema 3. It will be also be part of the SM Megamall Green Film Festival 2010 and shown in select cinemas and special screenings, including schools and universities, starting September. It will also be aired on QTV-11 on Sept. 26.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

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Orcollo, Gomez cruise to Final 8

MANILA, Philippines - Dennis Orcollo and Roberto Gomez toppled their Spanish rivals last night and host Philippines remained in the running for successive championships in the World Cup of Pool 2010 at the Midtown Wing of Robinson’s Place Manila.

Among those considered heirs to the RP pool throne, Orcollo and Gomez crushed the Spanish pair of David Alcaide and Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, 8-4, to stay in the hunt for the crown surrendered by compatriots Efren “Bata” Reyes and Francisco “Django” Bustamante in a sorry loss Thursday night.

Orcollo and Gomez disposed off the Spaniards and set up a race-to-nine quarterfinals showdown with old Finnish rivals Mika Immonen and Markus Juva.

The young Filipino pool masters complemented one another in a decisive early roll, and had a big relief after defusing Spain’s late charge.

“It was a total team effort. There was so much pressure and we helped one another building our confidence,” said Orcollo, whose partnership with Ronnie Alcano made the semifinals last year.

“You saw us thumping our chests and doing other antics out there. It was our way to ease the pressure,” said Gomez.

The Filipinos were the first to get on board, and they went to the hill at 7-2 before committing errors, enabling the Spanish to hang on a little longer in the second-round match.

Fifth seed Germany, aching to go all the way to the top after placing second behind the Philippines last year, whitewashed Russia, 8-1, in their own Round of 16 setto.

Stepping up their game after a shaky 8-6 win over their Hong Kong rivals Tuesday, Ralf Souquet and Oliver Ortmann stormed past Konstantin Stepanov and Ruslan Chinakhov.

Later on, Poland pulled off a huge upset, beating second seed Team USA, 8-7, in a wild finish.

Radoslaw Babica and Mariusz Skoneczny had a solid start but wavered in the late racks enabling Rodney Morris and Johnny Archer to nearly overcome a 4-7 deficit.

Keeping their nerves in the crunch, Babica and Skoneczny survived a hill-hill encounter and booked a seat in the next round against the seventh ranked Taiwan team.

France and Finland stunned higher-ranked rivals Sweden and Holland, respectively, to likewise clinch berths in the quarters.

The French pair of Stephan Cohen and Francois Cottance survived a thrilling match with Englishmen Daryl Peach and Karl Boyes, winning the last two racks to get the match at 8-6.

Cunning and sharp, Immonen and Juva, meanwhile, simply outclassed Niels Feijen and Huidji See, 8-1.

Cohen and Cottance set up a quarters showdown with Souquet and Ortmann while Immonen and Juva arranged a quarters duel with the RP-B.

“A match with the Filipinos would be great. I would love that for the Filipino pool fans to see,” said Immonen, a former World 9-ball champion and regular fixture in Philippine pool events.

The Germans were the first to display a solid game in the day, winning the lag then racing to a 7-0 lead before yielding a rack to the Russians.

“It was almost perfect. I screwed up one position followed by Oliver missing a ball but they miscued so it came back straight to us. I’m satisfied but there’s still room for improvement and I still haven’t had my best game,” said Souquet, a multi-titled pool and snooker master.

“As long as we play this way, we will beat anybody,” said Ortmann.

“I expected a tough game with Russia but we played pretty good from the beginning so they didn’t have a chance to come into the game. It’s really important to win it from the beginning and that what we did,” Ortmann added. - By Nelson Beltran (Philstar News Service,

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