Thursday, February 24, 2011

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After Lady Gaga invite, Maria fulfills another dream

By Glenda Villena, For Yahoo! Southeast Asia Thursday February 24, 2011 12:29 am PST

It’s one dream after another fulfilled for 10-year-old Filipino-Canadian Maria Aragon.

After getting a personal invitation from Lady Gaga to sing “Born This Way” with her in an upcoming Toronto concert, Maria has again achieved another milestone.

The young singer has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, February 22. Ellen first interviewed a relaxed but bubbly Maria who admitted being nervous about performing with Lady Gaga in the Toronto concert in March.

"She's [Lady Gaga] really up there and I'm only beginning," she told Ellen.

Maria also shared that she still could not believe that Lady Gaga actually liked her version of “Born This Way.” A video of her singing the Lady Gaga song uploaded to YouTube moved the pop star to tears. Days after Lady Gaga viewed Maria’s performance, both were conversing in a radio show aired from Winnipeg with the famous artist praising Maria, saying she reminded her why she was writing songs.

"Well it's not every day that you get to talk to a superstar you get feedback saying that you did great on a cover that's her song," Maria recounted.

Why the song “Born this Way?”

"It’s because of the meaning of the song. It's about just being yourself. God made you who you are and you're no different than anybody else."

Maria then performed “Born This Way” on the widely followed talk show to a standing ovation.

Ellen did not hide her admiration for Maria, who both sang and played keyboards during the live telecast.

"You did it! You sounded great! You sounded so good! How great is she? Ten years old!," Ellen said.

Maria’s “Born this Way' video has now garnered more than 12.6 million views on YouTube.

Here's a video of Maria's interview on "Ellen":

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