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No, Kris isn't back with Joey

Is Kris back with Joey M?

No, that headline didn’t come out in Funfare nor in any other column in this paper’s Entertainment Section but in Boo Chanco’s Demand and Supply in the Business Section last Sept. 17. Boo recalled that during a dinner with business people, the topic was not the country’s economy or some such pressing issues but, of all things, affairs of Kris’ heart.

Boo must have been so carried away by his, ehem, “scoop” that he devoted his whole column to the long-forgotten romance of Kris and former Parañaque City Mayor Joey Marquez which is, as far as showbiz denizens are concerned, history. Boo mentioned Kris’ “mistakes” in her choice of men (also including Phillip Salvador, father of Kris’ son Joshua; and Kris’ estranged husband James Yap, father of the couple’s son Baby James a.k.a. Bimby, who is recuperating from a delicate nose surgery) and even made suggestions what Kris can do for Inang Bayan (such as using “her excess energy to promote worthy causes the way Rosa Rosal devoted her life to the Red Cross”).

Boo said that he commented to his businessman friends that “it’s absurd” for Kris to be going back to Joey…”not after that tearful live feed from the Aquino home in Times Street” when…well, you know what happened in that “live feed.”

I, too, found that rumor “absurd.”

So I texted Kris yesterday to find out how the whole yarn must have started. Kris texted back:

No, I haven’t seen him since the wedding of Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago (Almost three years ago, in Tagaytay Highlands. --- RFL). Last week on Pilipinas Win Na Win (PWNW), I greeted Joey Manahan, a nephew of Mr. M (Johnny Manahan) who is a Hawaii State Representative. He was really nice to us when we went to Hawaii last year. He is up for reelection. I said, ‘Thank you, Joey, for being so good to me and my family and for taking good care of us. Good luck.’ That’s why the rumor started. Immediately after the show, people started asking me na.

Here’s Kris’ second text message, unedited:

I just wonder why people are so quick to portray me as the malanding nakihiwalay and James as the mabait, naaping asawa? When all of last week ako ang nakabantay kay Bimby in Makati Med when he was confined from Wednesday to Saturday. Walang narinig ang tao from me na akong dakila and James didn’t even offer a peso for medical bills. (Portions deleted by me. --- RFL) Kaya lang exhausted na ako with people wanting to just see the worst in me.


Friendly advice to businessmen: It might be better if they monitor the country’s economy,…the rise and fall of the peso vis-à-vis the dollar,…instead of how or who Kris’ heart is beating for.

Looking back at the Ondoy tragedy

Tomorrow, Sept. 26, the first anniversary of the Ondoy tragedy, we take another bow to unsung heroes from showbiz who risked life and limb to save those hit by Typhoon Ondoy even if they themselves were victims --- namely Gerald Anderson, Jericho Rosales, Raymart Santiago, Ryan Agoncillo and wife Judy Ann Santos, Jennylyn Mercado (who gave food and shelter to her colleagues), Rochelle Pangilinan (who cooked monggo for hungry neighbors) and Richard Gutierrez who rescued Cristine Reyes (the star who gave Ondoy a harrowing face) from the roof of the Reyes residence in Marikina.

Funfare interviewed three of the hard-hit showbiz guys on how they have moved on from that fateful day in September 2009.

= Malou Santos (Star Cinema managing director): “ I was in the US at that time, so it was very traumatic, with the aggravating pain of helplessness, since I could not do anything except pray. Hearing over the phone that my house, where I lived for 16 years, got submerged in water is one moment I do not want to relive ever. But eventually, gratitude overcame me, thankful that all my loved ones were safe. One year later, Ondoy is the biggest eye-opener for me --- to really live simply, and live gratefully, for only God knows His plans for us.”

= Willie Nepomuceno: “Relatively, Ondoy was the worst tragedy to come my way, next to martial law. Being a Baby Boomer, though my crutch has always been the song We Shall Overcome, after all ‘life is a box of chocolates.’ It’s the lessons in life I remember, not the tragedy itself. I lost a lot of material things but what hurts the most are the memories attached to them like proofs of lasting friendships and family in gifts and photographs, autographed books and record albums, letters and unsolicited articles written about my work, almost nothing to remember me by when I’m gone.”

“But that’s okay. No choice but to be born again. Anyway, I can still hum In My Life. Of course, life has been doubly terrible after Ondoy. I even had to produce my own show to rebuild my career and fend for my family. But that’s life. It can happen to the best of us. You just have to be strong, composed and have our priorities clearly set. Would you still feel desperate when you see the scavengers sleeping on the pavement? Aren’t we lucky?”

= Jean Garcia: “What I remember most about Ondoy are these: I remember the darkness and the cold. And the rush of water and mud. It still makes me shiver sometimes, even though it’s been already a year. But second, I remember how I came to realize how truly important my family is. Mawalan man kami ng bahay, but in our hearts, that’s where we really found home.”

Birthday bash at Little Asia

Little Asia owner-manager Charlemagne Lim celebrated his birthday recently for the first time in 20 years with his mom Teresita who’s here for a vacation. As usual, Charlemagne’s well-wishers were mostly his friends from showbiz. The party lasted until 6 o’clock the next morning. Little Asia (which can cater from 100 to 1,000 persons) has three outlets --- Tomas Morato (call 373-0609), Promenade Greenhills (727-5265) and Venice McKinley Hill at The Fort (798-0354).

In photos are (top, from left): Charlynn Lim, Diether Ocampo, Charlemagne, Teresita, Marge Gutierrez and Charlson Lim…(right, from left) Jomar Lao, Dexter Go, Cedric Lee, Charlemagne, Marge, Charlton Yu, Ronnie Yu, Ron See, Kester Haw and Charlson…(below, right, from left back row) Don Allado, Atoy Llave, Charlemagne, Kester, Dexter Ong and Bryan Tiu; (front row) Charlton and Jessie Yu…(below, from left) Maricar de Mesa, Tanya Peralta and Michelle Ortega…and (bottom, from left) Geoff Lim, Jeredan Conde, Malaya Conde, Charlemagne and Charlton.

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