Monday, September 20, 2010

A Repost From ABS-CBN News

Budget for Pacquiao's projects delays Baguio training

Budget for Pacquiao's projects delays Baguio training

MANILA, Philippines - Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao's training in Baguio City has been delayed as he works on securing the budget for his provincial projects on Wednesday's (Sept. 22) hearing. Pacquiao said on Monday this is why the start of his training in Baguio City has been moved to Thursday instead of today (Sept. 20). Pacquiao leaves for USA on October 20 and will stay there until his fight against Mexico's Antonio Margarito on November 13. He said his constituents don't need to worry that he might neglect his legislative duties since he's securing the budget for the projects for his constituents before he leaves for Baguio. Pacquiao said he is not worried about being absent for a month in Congress because he'll have many projects for his constituents. In contrast, he said there are some legislators who are always present, but don't have projects. Coach Freddie Roach said Pacquiao needs to focus first on boxing. If necessary, he said Pacquiao can go back on weekends to do legislative work or if it's really urgent. Even if his ward has been busy with his work as a member of Congress, Roach said Pacquiao is still in fighting form and has not missed a beat. He also said he also wants to see a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight come true.

Roach visited Pacquiao in Congress on Monday, and was among the guests acknowledged by the House of Representatives. Roach sat in the gallery designated for guests, beside Bobby Pacquiao. -- report from Timi Nubla, ABS-CBN News

Reposted From ABS-CBN News

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