Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Pacquiao's goal: 7,000 more calories per day

Pacquiao's goal: 7,000 more calories per day

MANILA, Philippines – Conditioning expert Alex Ariza plans to fill Manny Pacquiao’s frame with added bulk for the Filipino champion's November 13 fight against the bigger Antonio Margarito of Mexico.

“He has to eat 7,000 calories more a day,” said Ariza, who has helped Pacquiao’s ascent to the heavier divisions, allowing him to win 7 world titles in 7 weight classes.

The conditioning expert said Pacquiao needs the added size to withstand Margarito’s strength.

“We have to build a stronger and denser body to be able to handle the kind of power that Margarito has,” Ariza said.

The Mexican stands at 5' 11" and enjoys a 6-inch advantage over the 5' 6" Pacquiao.

Ariza is confident that Pacquiao will be able to maintain his speed and punching power despite the added size.

“In a case like this, you know, Manny's still gonna have his speed and retain a lot of his strength,” he said.

Pacquiao’s coach, Freddie Roach, earlier said that Pacquiao isn’t likely to weigh far beyond the 151-pound catch weight limit on fight night.

He said speed remains Pacquiao’s biggest asset against larger opponents.

Taller, stronger sparring partners

Roach arrived in Manila on Sunday and brought along two sparring partners for Pacquiao.

Super welterweight Glen Tapia of the US stands at 5' 11" and has more than 100 victories in his amateur career. He also holds 5 knockouts on 7 wins as a pro. Mexico’s Michael Medina, on the other hand, stands 6-feet flat. He already has 24 wins against 2 losses.

The boxing coach said both boxers are tall and strong. He said they will definitely help Pacquiao prepare for his battle against Margarito.

“Tapia has a big right hand like Margarito…so that why he's here. Medina comes forward and puts pressure just like Margarito," Roach said. – With a report from Dyan Castillejo, ABS-CBN News

Reposted From ABS-CBN News

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