Sunday, September 12, 2010

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James Yap to enter showbiz soon

Don't be surprised if in the next months or so, you will be seeing more of James Yap, controversial basketball superstar and ex-husband of Kris Aquino, going the rounds of high-profile events in and around show business. Somebody in the know told us that James, even as he is flying high on his basketball career right now, has given his possible career in show business much thought and has actually decided to make a go for it. The cager, according to our source, is nursing a bruised ego since some quarters have apparently been spreading talks against him to the effect that he ''now amounts to nothing because he is already separated from his popular wife.'' ''James wants to show everyone that he can still stand on his own and can actually amount to something and be someone on his own merits,'' the source told us. In fact, the source added, James says yes now to almost all the invitations for him outside of the basketball court. One proof is a Sept. 25 event where James will serve as the highlight of a fashion show organized by PBA. He will be featured side by side Ms. Universe Fourth Runner-Up Maria Venus Raj. The handsome daddy of Baby James, the source added, is deluged with offers at this time for guestings, endorsements, corporate appearances, etc. We know for a fact that he is being offered a huge endorsement deal from a prestigious company. And if plans do not miscarry, James Yap's face will be splashed all over in no time. Let's face it, when James Yap appears in public nowadays, the reaction of the public has been quite encouraging. Our media friends who covered the first hearing of the custody case between him and Kris told us that the public went in a frenzy when James appeared from the elevator. ''The screams and the shrieks were louder than when Kris first walked in the room,'' one of them told us. For some reason, James' sex appeal seems to have heightened now that the public knows that he is single again. Let's see if this career trend will transform James Yap into the newest hot television personality around. • • • Sen. Legarda launches Brillante Mendoza's docu 'Buhos' For her intense passion to protect the environment and raise awareness on the issue of climate change, Sen. Loren Legarda seeks every possible venue to push this advocacy and move Filipinos into purposeful action. Legarda, who grew up in flood-prone Malabon, made the worsening flood situation central the theme of her new documentary on climate change, entitled ''Buhos (Downpour).'' The senator collaborates with acclaimed Filipino filmmaker and 2009 Cannes best director Brillante Mendoza, who lends artistic credence to produce a visually interesting, informative, and most importantly, moving documentary. Produced and presented by Legarda, ''Buhos'' successfully demystifies global warming by bringing it down to the level of day-to-day living; offering easy to understand scientific explanations of greenhouse gases and climate change, as well as realistic ways of addressing this clear and present danger, in the context of Filipino living. As chairperson of the Senate Standing and Oversight Committees on Climate Change, Legarda principally authored and sponsored landmark environmental laws - the Climate Change Act of 2009, the Environmental Awareness Education Act, the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act and the Clean Air Act, among others. Legarda, a UNEP laureate for environment and United Nations champion for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation for Asia and the Pacific, has been the voice of climate-vulnerable nations like the Philippines and has called for ''climate justice'' for developing countries in various international fora. Beyond her call of duty, Legarda runs a nationwide awareness and education campaign on climate change. She produced the docu-drama ''Ulan sa Tag-araw,'' children's animation movie ''Ligtas Likas,'' and a United Nations documentary ''Now is the Time.'' Legarda implements an extensive tree-planting program through Luntiang Pilipinas and mobilizes humanitarian aid to disaster-affected and poverty-stricken communities through Lingkod Loren. Last year, she reached out to thousands of families left homeless by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng through her missions. ''Buhos'' will be launched on Sept. 13, 12 noon at the SM Mall of Asia Cinema 3. It will be also be part of the SM Megamall Green Film Festival 2010 and shown in select cinemas and special screenings, including schools and universities, starting September. It will also be aired on QTV-11 on Sept. 26.

Reposted From Manila Bulletin


  1. May looks din naman so pwede unless ala syang talent hehehe.. Kumusta ka na Kuya..

  2. Hi Rose,
    Madali namang madevelop ang talent lalo na kung matiyaga ang isang tao. He wants to be free from the shadows of Kris Aquino and wants to prove that he can also stand on his own. Thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you all always.