Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Cristine agrees with Sarah on avoiding work with Rayver

Cristine Reyes (NPPA Images)

Cristine Reyes (NPPA Images)

Kapamilya actress Cristine Reyes said taking on the horror film "Tumbok" as her first movie project for 2011 did not mean she was completely shunning the sexy image the public had been accustomed to. However, for her, the change is welcome.

"Para sa akin, tinanggap ko siya agad kasi horror film siya, hindi sya ganun ka-sexy. Yun nga yung gusto ko. Para maiba naman. Kasi pag sinabing Cristine Reyes, sexy. Parang nakakasawa na. Para maiba lang," she said during the press conference for "Tumbok" on Wednesday night, April 27, at the Citybest Seafood Garden in Quezon City.

Cristine also said her transition from onscreen sexpot to an actress who can work on various genres is a sign that her career is progressing.

In the film, Cristine and Carlo Aquino play a newlywed couple who experienced hauntings after moving to an old condominium they inherited. The condominium is built on a "tumbok," which is considered as unlucky in local superstition.

Relaxed relationship

Will boyfriend Rayver Cruz attend the premiere of Cristine's movie? According to her, Rayver begged off out of respect to her onscreen partner.

"Pero ini-invite siya ni direk Topel. Sabi niya wag siya mahiya. Sabi ko, pipilitin ko. Gusto niya pag lights off na para di siya mapansin ng tao," she added.

She said Rayver has no problems with her doing intimate scenes with Carlo, adding Rayver isn't the type who gets jealous easily.

It's obvious with her current demeanor that Cristine is very happy right now; and no doubt, Rayver is one of the reasons for this. So how does Rayver make her happy?

"Number one factor na masaya ako sa kanya ay dahil okay siya sa family ko," she said.

"Yun yung number one na okay kay Rayver. Kasi lahat ng family ko, kampanate kapag siya ang kasama ko. Wala akong maririnig na salita kapag siya kasama ko... So hindi siya sagabal. Kasi dati pag may iba akong kasamang kaibigan, lagi akong sinesermonan," Cristine explained.

"Napakamaintindihin niya. And, alam mo yung masarap magtrabaho kapag relax ka lang sa buhay. Relax lang kami," Cristine added.

Friendship with Sarah

In a prior interview, Cristine said she's willing to work with Sarah Geronimo, Rayver's ex-girlfriend. It can be remembered that Sarah and Cristine had a misunderstanding late last year, although they have recently reconciled.

However, in an interview, Sarah explained that while she's open to working with Cristine, she said it's not the proper time to work Rayver. Does Cristine agree with this sentiment?

"Oo siguro, para iwas lang sa gulo," she said.

She did say that all's well between her and Sarah, adding that they've been talking more to each other recently.

"Okay naman na kami ngayon. Magkaibigan na kami. Pero before naman, hindi pa ito nangyayari, okay naman din, pero parang mas naging close ngayon kasi mas nakakausap ko na rin na sya. Siguro nangyari lang yung mga bagay na hindi dapat mangyari kaso hindi natin mapipigilan yun. Yun yung kapalaran namin yata," Cristine said.

"Tumbok" opens in theaters on May 4.

Reposted From Chuck Smith of OMG! Philippine News Blog

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