Sunday, June 6, 2010

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Immodest proposal to make Noynoy younger looking

The future president of the Philippines has just turned 50, but some say he looks years older. Have you ever wondered what presidential front–runner Benigno “Noynoy" Aquino III would look like if he had a makeover? Known for his frugal nature and no–nonsense approach to style, Aquino probably won’t spend a dime, much less undergo a cosmetic procedure, to change his looks. But if he’s going to be the face of the Philippines for the next six years, it won’t hurt to look the part of a youthful president who is expected to be the country’s new superhero.

GMANews.TV sought insights from well-known cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vicky Belo to give Aquino a virtual makeover. Belo thinks a few minor procedures to enhance the senator’s appearance could help improve his image. “It is important that Noynoy looks approachable. We don’t want a president looking worried all the time," Belo said.

Belo’s assessment focused on four areas of concern: Aquino’s hair, eye bags, skin, and facial lines.

“His receding hairline makes him appear older. I want to keep him young and a hair transplant can do just that," Belo said candidly. The stress and exhaustion of long campaign hours had also taken a toll on Aquino, making his eye bags more apparent. The cosmetic doctor’s suggestion: “Minor surgery to rid the sagging skin will make him look fresh once again." Belo also noticed Aquino’s melasma (a brownish patch surrounding his skin) and uneven skin tone brought about by too much sun exposure. She suggested Aquino use Cosmelan, a topical cream his celebrity sister Kris also uses to treat the sun damage she incurred during the campaign. For the finishing touch, Belo recommended a botox injection to erase Noynoy’s deep facial lines. When it comes to matters of beauty and aesthetics, Belo had a final tip for Aquino: “Maybe he should listen to Kris." Style matters While it’s highly unlikely that the future president will go under the knife, it seems possible he will at least consider a change of wardrobe. After all he has willingly worn outfits given by Kris, who replenishes his wardrobe with barong tagalog and pants made by big name designers. When Noynoy was photographed for the cover of Time magazine recently, he decided that the occasion was fit for something more stylish and called in Liz Uy, who also styles his sister Kris, for some fashion reinforcement. So how does someone like Noynoy, who has a habit of sticking to simple and baggy outfits, look hip yet respectable? Designer Puey Quiñones willingly took the challenge of designing a potential wardrobe for the future president. “Noynoy is always an interesting person to design for, whether he is president or not. I find it challenging to be able to bring out his personality through his clothes," Quiñones quipped. He created a barong design with a detail that has been distinctly identified with Aquino - the ribbon. Quiñones’ first sketch shows a suitable outfit for Aquino’s inauguration. The ribbon embroidery is the barong’s main accent. And although he is known for his colorful approach to style, Quiñones opted to make the future president’s barong monochromatic.

“It makes the ensemble formal and dignified. I also made it tapered as opposed to Noynoy’s usual barongs which he wears in the senate. The tapered cut adds form and structure," he explained. Quiñones’ keen eyes noticed that Aquino would always roll up or fold the sleeves of his barong when he was working in the Senate, and took this preference into consideration in the second sketch.

“The messenger style barong is comfortable, it can be worn as his daily outfit. The sleeves are short so folding won’t be necessary," he said. He also suggested using Italian linen or jusi for the barong, still accented by the trademark ribbon. Surely, more pressing matters occupy the mind of the future Philippine president. But before he changes the face of the Philippines, maybe he would do well to enhance his image first. As self-image advocate Dr. Maxwell Maltz said, “Our self image, strongly held, essentially determines what we become." - China Jocson, GMANews.TV

Reposted From China Jocson Of GMA News.TV


  1. his receding hairline ang nagpatanda sa kanya but I think he doesn't mind. kahit yata maglagay ng powder e ayaw nya.

    btw, thanks for the birthday greeting. another year older yet another year wiser. God bless you always, Mel!

  2. Hi Rossel,
    Happy Birthday Rossel. Ka birthday pala kayo nang tocayo mong si Rose Cottrill. Kay Noynoy ay wala siyang pakialam kung ano ang itsura niya kaya lang, alam mo naman ang mga Pinoy masyadong mapuna at pintasero kaya wala namang masama kung magpa make over siya. Thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you all always.

  3. i don't mind him having a physical make over, all heads of nations do it i guess.

  4. Hi Imelda,
    Yes, there's no rule against heads of states having a make over. If that will make him look good and feel good then by all means he should go for it. Thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you all always.