Friday, July 1, 2011

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Kris Aquino makes a stand on the controversial Reproductive Health Bill

Kris Aquino says that she is definitely pro-life. But the TV host-actress and mother of two boys, Josh and Bimby, believes that people should be given enough information and choices when it comes to family planning.

Kris Aquino makes a stand on the controversial Reproductive Health Bill

Demai Sunio-Granali

Last June 28, Wednesday, Kris TV presented a live episode featuring the top five winners of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2.

It included the tap-dancing duo Happy Feet, who bagged second place next to grand winner Marcelito Pomoy.

Brothers Ramonito and Lordito Mata, together with their elder sister Maricel, shared to Kris Aquino and her audience the story of their impoverished life in Lidona, Bukidnon.

There are nine children in their family. Maricel and Ramonito are fifth and sixth respectively, and Lordito is the youngest.

Both their parents are currently unemployed and the family is basically surviving through financial aid from an older sibling who is working in Hong Kong as a domestic helper.

Most of them never went to college or even finished high school due to lack of money.

Maricel and Ramonito were even forced to work at an early age as a sales lady and a vegetable porter just to aid the family's financial struggles.

"Ito na yung argument natin sa simbahan tungkol sa reproductive health, pag-usapan na natin," Kris blurted on air, noting how their family suffered poverty simply because there are too many kids to support financially.

RH BILL. In a sit-down interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other members of the press right after the show's live airing, Kris further explained why she is for the approval of the controversial Reproductive Health bill.

"Yung kwento na lang ni Happy Feet kanina, na nine kids tapos patigil-tigil sa pag-aaral. Hindi makapag-college yung isa dahil kulang sa pondo or hindi makapag-vocational man [lang].

"Reality 'yan, e. And that's because hindi mo binigyan ng adequate knowledge at choice yung couple kung ano'ng gusto nilang gawin," Kris pointed out.

She added, "Definitely, I'm sure pinalaki kaming lahat na pro-life.

"But all of us, my sisters, all have two kids each.

"It's your choice, e, whether natural birth control or if its pills, condom or whatever artificial means.

"Napansin n'yo na mas yung may means in life, or mas nakapag-aral ang mas responsible?

"Kasi alam n'yo kung ano yung responsibility involved with having a big family," she said, emphasizing the importance of family planning.

According to her, unless the anti-RH supporters could find a better solution than the RH bill, then they should stop debating the issue.

"Ako, feeling ko lang yun na we keep debating the issue. But then, rather than debating the issue, [let's] look at real people and what they're going through."

She also made a bold statement towards the members of the Catholic church and other anti-RH enthusiasts who are calling for the resignation of her brother, President Noynoy Aquino.

"That's one thing na I feel bago ka humingi ng resignation, sana yung church na 'yan may feeding program. Sana yung church na 'yan may scholarship program, di ba?

Reposted From PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)

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