Thursday, May 5, 2011

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Rhian Ramos, Mo Twister exchange angry tweets

Rhian Ramos and Mo Twister (NPPA Images)

Rhian Ramos and Mo Twister (NPPA Images)

Rhian Ramos
and Mo Twister's mysterious "relationship" has gone from sweet to sour.

Just as we thought everything seems to be working fine between the two, the usually private "couple" suddenly chose to go public, but this time with their not-so-sweet tirades against each other.

In their recent Twitter war on Tuesday, May 3 which netizens now dub as a "lover's quarrel," Rhian became obviously irritated when someone allegedly broke into her Twitter account to publicize her personal life.

"well thank you for breaking into my twitter. nice job. i hope you get all the sympathy you hoped for," Rhian tweeted.

"and to the rest of you, mind your business, i've been harassed enough for today, thank you. as if would really publicize my personal life? as if i'm the one that is known to want to be a part of every scandal? thanks," Rhian further tweeted.

"and anong "break-up tweet- break-up tweet" ang sinasabi niyo. didn't he say i wasn't his girlfriend?," she added.

In response, Mo tweeted back, "You told me it's your job to be single and desired, but what about the hearts you break along the way?"

Mo continued with "wow! are you implying now it's me who did it? what else do you want to throw at me today? i'm just reacting to your tweet and now job is whats the link? i wasn't the one who did everything for the job."

"there are a few people i wont fight here on twitter & one of them is you. i think ive been thrashed and lied enough to today. im done here & i wont argue w/ you. i hope your thailand trip last holy week went well," Mo added.

Mo posted a few more meaningful tweets.

"i would never wish upon any of you the sacrifice ive had to make. and even after it, its mocked by those who benefited from it."

"and it will come. the ghosts of those lost will find a way. all the lies and deceit isn't enough of a shield"

Meanwhile Rhian's last tweet includes a link to a YouTube video showing what seems to be a small piglet.

"here. magpaka good vibes tayong lahat," she said.

Based from their tweets the couple who just recently admitted that they are exclusively dating are now officially fighting.

Reposted From Glenda Villena of OMG! Philippine News Blog

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