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Pia Guanio bares details on engagement

Pia Guanio (Jacqueline Timola, NPPA Images)

Pia Guanio (Jacqueline Timola, NPPA Images)

Pia Guanio
caught many by surprise when she officially announced her engagement to non-showbiz boyfriend Steve Mago last week on GMA-7's "24 Oras." The announcement came after Philippine Star entertainment editor Ricky Lo broke the news on his column. And according to Pia, she too was surprised by Steve's proposal since they have only been dating for less than a year.

"It was quite a surprise. I wasn't expecting it at all primarily because, you know, I mean, I'll say it straight, we've been dating for less than a year only so it really came as a surprise to me that he made such a big move so soon," the television host said in a live interview with GMA 7's "Showbiz Central" on Sunday, May 15.

Pia is one of the showbiz-oriented talk show's main hosts.

Pia revealed that her surprise prompted her to hide under her blanket when Steve proposed to her.

"One morning, he woke me up, and when I opened my eyes, instead of his face, I saw a box with a ring in it. And instead of saying something, I hid under the covers. Kasi nakakabigla talaga and it's a little bit overwhelming and you don't know what to say when it finally does happen. And then outside he had prepared pala breakfast with champagne," she said.

Pia added that while her immediate response was that of surprise, her answer to the proposal was obvious: "Hindi ko na kailangan pang ieksplika. I'm like, 'yah'!"

The "pamamanhikan" happened on May 7, Saturday, in Tagaytay. The families of both parties were present during the affair.

As for the exact date of their wedding, she said, "sometime next year, maybe." "It depends on where it's going to be. Basta it's gonna need sunny weather," Pia added.

But while she said they haven't really finished the details of their wedding, Pia is certain that it would be a simple affair. "I can't imagine an engrandeng wedding. I can't imagine entertaining so many people. It's going to be very intimate and it's going to be very simple," she explained.

A private matter

Pia said she intended to keep the engagement a "very private matter" because Steve and his family are "very private." However, she felt that denying the engagement at this point would have been inappropriate.

"Since tito Ricky Lo broke the news in his column, I think it was in bad taste naman to deny it. So I had to do the rounds because I'm part of that show, I'm part of this show," Pia said, quickly adding that she would limit her interviews to her shows.

Besides being the co-host of the Sunday showbiz-oriented talk show, the 38-year-old Kapuso is also part of "Eat Bulaga" and is the entertainment segment host of GMA 7's daily primetime newscast "24 Oras."

Pia also said she promised Steve's mom "that this would stop to a certain point kasi nga they're very private, they're not used to this whole thing at all."

"And of course, we also want to protect that privacy," she added.


Although Steve is not a showbiz personality, his name has figured in a number of showbiz reports recently due to a "kissing photo scandal" posted on the "Fashion Pulis" blog. The man on the photo, which shows a man and a woman inside a dining establishment inside a shopping mall in Makati, is allegedly Steve Mago, while the woman is allegedly Pia.

Besides this, however, not much is known about Steve. Who exactly is the man who is soon to be the husband of Pia?

"Well, what he is a really sweet guy. He's very thoughtful. One of the best things that I liked about him is that he's such a thoughtful guy. In any plan that he has, even for himself, he will always include you. And I find that very impressive kasi these days people can be very self-centered, can be very…wala, parang out lang for their own interest. And I love na finally you found a person who can be your partner in life in attaining the same goal," she said.

Pia said they met through a good friend.

So what made her say yes to Steve's proposal, even though they've only been dating for less than a year? According to Ricky Lo's column, they started dating "barely a few months after" Pia broke up with "Eat Bulaga" co-host Vic Sotto last July.

"Well, of course you always pray to God to help you discern what His will is for you, di ba? And parang I think ever since this relationship with Steve started, parang there would be a way always to do things, there would parang a means always to make things possible. I felt like God was opening doors for us to get together, to get closer," Pia said.

She added that Steve's willingness to become a Christian when they first started dating is also a factor in her decision. "And I've always been praying and praying for that to happen. It wasn't at all a struggle," Pia said.

And what has changed since the engagement? "You don't see me out anymore," she quipped.

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