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Karen delos Reyes confirms tiff with fellow Survivor castaway Pretty Trizsa

Karen delos Reyes confirms tiff with fellow Survivor castaway Pretty Trizsa; roots for Akihiro Sato to become ultimate survivor
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PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had a chance to talk to young actress Karen delos Reyes at a pocket interview in GMA-7's executive lounge on October 19.

Karen is an eliminated castaway in Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown. Throughout her stay in the game, viewers were entertained by her sharp and witty dialogue.

According to the commercial model turned actress, she got her way of speech from the people in her life, like her friends and relatives.

"Like yung dulot, I think I got it from, like, other people. Kasi hindi na siya ginagamit ngayon, e. I think nakuha ko siya sa mga tito ko before. Alam ko may tito ako na taga-Tondo na sinabi yun. Something like that," Karen said.

Karen said the words naturally come to her when emotions are high. For instance, she called fellow castaway Pretty Trisza "gamol" because of what he did during the game.

"Around 9 or 10 a.m., I had my blow-by-blow interview. It's really, really fresh pa, kaya ganun ang reaksiyon ko. Na tipong, 'Wow, wow naman, p're!'

"Kasi, I think I woke up around 6:30 in the morning. And then, kinuwento sa akin ni Aubrey [Miles] yung pangyayari, yung kagamol-gamol na pangyayari. Ako kasi, every time na gumigising ako sa isla, the first thing that I do is drink water.

"And then I found out through Aubrey na he took a dump, a crap, or whatever you call it, near the water source, which is, ako, yun ang una kong ginagawa. And, yung iniinuman namin ng water, yun ang ginamit niyang pang-wahy-washy.

"So, di ba, parang, it's like a meter away lang. Ang lapit lang. Have consideration naman to the people around you.

"Tapos, sabi niya sinadya niya? No, e. Kasi after nung incident na 'yon, alam ko nagtanong pa siya sa amin na, 'Do you dig a hole when you...?'" Karen said.

Lastly, Karen calls her experience with Survivor "daga-daga."

"Kumbaga, yung daga-daga kasi... Alam n'yo naman po ang daga kasi, mahirap pa sa daga, something like that. Itong experience ko sa Survivor, ito yung totoong daga na grabe," she said.

TIFF WITH TRIZSA. Karen also confirmed rumors that she and Pretty Trizsa are not in good terms. According to reports, the two does not talk with each other when they were hosting Survivor Philippines Exclusive.

"Hindi naman sa hindi pinapansin," Karen said. "Civil ako sa kanya. Saka hindi ko naman siya kaibigan, e. Bakit ako ku-close sa kanya, e, na, 'Hey, close tayo!'"

Karen said she does not want to bother being friends to people who gve her "negative vibes."

"Hindi po kasi ako plastik na tao, e. So, the vibe... Like way back, the vibe that he was giving me was kinda nega. So, bakit pa 'ko lalapit sa isang taong nega vibes sa akin?" she reasoned out.

Karen clarified that she does not hate Trisza—she just doesn't care about him.

PEP asked Karen how the tiff started. Is Pretty Trizsa's interview on 24 Oras, where he said Karen might have an unhappy childhood, a factor?

"No comment," she replied.

NATURAL INTUITION. Shifting gears, Karen talked about her boot from Survivor. She said she had foreseen her elimination.

"Every time na may matatanggal, I have this like, I can sense their vibe? Yung kay Doc Ferdz, sumagi na dun sa utak na si Doc Ferdz yung una, e. Kaya ganun yung reaksiyon ko na, kumbaga, a part dun sa inisip ko was right. Kasi nobody knew na si Doc Ferdz yung una.

"Second, Myka. I knew Myka was gonna be out. Third was Buwi, and, kumbaga, sumagi na rin sa isip ko na si Sir Buwi ang matatanggal.

"Yung fourth, nung first tribal council namin, actually first tribal council ko, parang sabi ko, 'Bakit walang pumapasok, walang sumasagi sa utak ko na kung sino ang matatanggal? Baka ako na,'" she said.

Karen said being eliminated from Survivor did not make her feel bad.

"Kumbaga, peace lang. I was here for the adventure, not for anything else. Kung meron mang sabihin natin na three million, siguro pag nakasama ako sa merge, I would think of the prize na."

She did not even think of the three million peso grand prize?

"Wala talaga, e. Kumbaga ako, sige trip tayo. Ganun lang," Karen said.

Karen prefers that Akihiro Sato gets the prize instead of her. She said the Brazilian model fished seafood for her so she could eat.

"Hindi po ako makakain kung hindi dahil sa kanya, e. Pescetarian po ako. Walang chicken, lamang-dagat lang... He taught me how to get crabs kaya siya talaga for me is the ultimate Survivor," she said.

Reposted From PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)

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